Planned '24' Spinoff Will Focus on New Male Character

Fox may be restarting the "24" countdown clock, only this time for an agent younger than Jack Bauer.

Franchise producer Howard Gordon confirmed the news to TVLine, which reports that while the revival will focus on a new male operative, the idea is for Kiefer Sutherland's character to "weave in and out as a guest star." Presumably to proclaim, "Damn it."

Gordon revealed last month that "24: Live Another Day's" Manny Coto and Evan Katz were working on a script for a "Jack-less '24'" that would utilize the same "real-time" approach that became a hallmark of the franchise.

In addition to the young, male operative, the spinoff would feature a more seasoned female agent. The intent is to launch as a limited-run series, similar to "Live Another Day," but the website contends there's a possibility of a longer-term project.

Fox is already revisiting "The X-Files" with a limited series, while NBC is producing a 13-episode revival of "Heroes."

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