Planetary Will NOT Be Part of Warren Ellis' Wildstorm Reboot

We've known for a while now that writer Warren Ellis will be returning to a version of the old WildStorm universe he helped expand, to helm a new Wildstorm imprint for DC comics.

Now, in an interview with "Vulture," Ellis has made it clear that the new imprint won't be featuring all of the characters he created at WildStorm. Specifically, it will avoid characters from his and John Cassaday's iconic "Planetary" series.

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According to Ellis, while he has plans for many Wildstorm characters, "You shouldn’t, however, expect to see anyone from 'Planetary.' I consider that book a closed project, and that whole thing had only the barest connections to the Wildstorm Universe anyway."

Of course, one of those connections would be the "Planetary"/"Authority" one-shot crossover "Ruling the World," first published in 2000.

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The Wildstorm relaunch will “reset” many of the established heroes and villains from the old WildStorm universe while also introducing new versions of classic "WildC.A.T.S." and "Authority" characters, including Grifter, Voodoo, The Engineer and Jenny Sparks, many of whom have since found a new home in the main DC Universe.

Aside from running the imprint, Ellis will also be writing one of its titles, “The Wild Storm,” with Jon Davis-Hunt (“Clean Room”) on art duties.

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