Planet of the Apes #6

Story by
Art by
Carlos Magno
Colors by
Darrin Moore
Letters by
Travis Lanham
Cover by
Dynamite Entertainment

The first arc of this title documented one battle in the history of the "Planet of the Apes." This arc is spilling out into an entire war and the results are deservedly getting larger to match. The humans and the apes are never going to see eye to eye, and the lengths they'll go to in showing this difference is the fuel that burns at the heart of this book.

It's pretty clear Daryl Gregory has mapped out a clear and distinct history to this title. It's a history of bloodshed and death. The little details, and rich back story, make you understand the thought and passion Gregory has put into this whole book. These characters aren't dashed off, but rather hold many places within the timeline of this story.

Warfare needs weapons, and this issue shows the humans finding new weapons and managing to use them correctly. It's a game changer. You can see the effect this is going to have further down the line as aggressions escalate. You also get to see a zeppelin shot out of the sky with a rocket launcher. These anachronistic tics are what have always made the whole Apes saga so much fun.

Carlos Magno's art delivers depth to the battle scenes. The violent slashes are brutal and bloody. The background is full of extras doing their own thing. If this were a movie it would have a very large budget. I've also only just noticed that the pompadour hair on the apes translates really well to the comic page. Darrin Moore's colors match the tone of the scenes well.

"Planet of the Apes" continues to be an epic and long form tale of warfare and difference. The characters reveal new elements and the scope of the conflicts grows ever more wide. You can enjoy this book as an action romp with apes and battles, or you can enjoy the political intrigue side with backstabbing and internment camps. There's a little something for everyone and everything for the true ape fan in your home.

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