<i>Planet Hulk</i> Movie Rumor is 'Nonsense,' Joss Whedon Says

If, even after the initial rumor was roundly dismantled last week, there are still fans who think they could see a Planet Hulk movie as part of Marvel's Phase Three plans, allow Joss Whedon to clear things up.

"Well, I’m really not supposed to comment, but no, that’s nonsense," the Avengers writer/director told IGN.com during an interview for Much Ado About Nothing. So that, as they say, is presumably that.

The rumor, floated a month ago by Latino Review, asserted that Doctor Strange and the long-brewing Ant-Man would be joined in Phrase Three by an adaptation of "Planet Hulk," the 2006-2007 Marvel Comics storyline that saw the Incredible Hulk launched into space by the Illuminati, where he eventually becomes ruler of a violent planet named Sakaar. According to that report, that Hulk solo film would spin out of the events of the 2015 Avengers sequel, with the Green Goliath returning to Earth, bent on revenge, for The Avengers 3.

However, sources told Ain't It Cool those claims were “1,000% inaccurate," insisting any Hulk movie would have a significant role for Bruce Banner as long as Mark Ruffalo is signed to a six-picture deal.

Another Hulk film is in the cards -- a Marvel executive said as much before The Avengers even opened in North America -- but it now appears certain that Planet Hulk isn't it.

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