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Planet Comicon Kansas City Photo Roundup

by  in Comic News Comment
Planet Comicon Kansas City Photo Roundup

It may not be one of the bigger cons, but the Kansas City Planet Comicon has a lot going for it. Here’s what we saw in just one day at the show…

You know you’re in the Midwest when even the Storm Troopers sport cowboy hats. Phil Hester, “Nightwing’ artist and writer of “The Coffin” and “Deep Sleeper,” proclaimed that Kansas City Chief Tony Gonzalez would lead his fantasy football team to victory in Dan Jurgens’ fantasy football league. If he were anywhere else in the country, he would have been laughed out of the con.
A lovely Storm Trooper couple. “Battle Hymn” artist Jeremy Haun wondered aloud if, under the armor, the female Storm Trooper was hot… but TK-421 must have had a bad transmitter, as she apparently didn’t hear him. Or, more likely, she just was ignoring him. I have no idea what this kid is supposed to be. But he managed to annoy B. Clay Moore by sitting on his table and wrinkling his Expatriate posters. But then, everyone annoys Clay Moore, so that’s not really special.
Speaking of Haun and Moore, the writer/artist on “Battle Hymn”… here they are smiling for the CBR cameras. The wad of cash Moore is holding? We had to lend it to him for this photo. When he gave it back, it was mysteriously $5 short. “Hey, anybody seen a ghost?” Or my $5?
“Nightwing” inker Ande Parks and indy comix guru/Kevin Smith look-alike Jason Arnett do their best to promote “The Expatriate.” Hulk writer and Kansas City local Bruce Jones (right) smiles alongside Jai Nitz of Jungle Boy Press.
Hey! Not a Storm Trooper! Wait… never mind.
Mike Huddleston, Deep Sleeper artist, not afraid to take a 2-second break from sketching. Planet Comicon guest of honor Michael Turner signs alongside his colorist, Peter Steigerwald. The line for Turner’s signature dwarfed Chewbacca and Boba Fett’s line. Way to go, Michael!
Hey! It’s Boba Fett! And just over his right shoulder… the REAL Boba Fett, Jeremy Bulloch! But if that’s the real Boba Fett, then who is this guy?!? Creepiest costume at the show. Also the most maintenance-heavy. Before we could take this shot, a friend had to take some Scotch tape to the head. But it looks cool! And the black lights tucked up around his face — nice touch.
The world’s tallest wrestler, the Mighty Sequoia, was at the show. He’s 7’7″, 450 pounds. He wrestles his arch-nemesis, “The Dekin,” in two Saturdays at The Crossing in Lawrence, Kan. “Last time Dekin threw a fireball at me,” Sequoia said. “This time, it’s payback time!” Was Robert Kirkman scheduled to appear at the KC show? No, wait… that’s just some dude in an Egyptian headdress thing. But a good parting shot from the KC show, regardless.

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