Pixar's Incredibles Get a Grim-and-Gritty Makeover

The Parr family may have saved the day in The Incredibles 2, but artist Warrick Wong has imagined a much darker future for them. In his artistic interpretation of Incredibles 3, the film jumps years into the future where the Parr kids have grown up and taken center stage after Bob and Helen die.

"They've now become veteran superheroes," Wong said, "just like their parents in their prime."

In Wong's own words, Violet leads the trio and is a badass in the vein of Sarah Connor, sporting a torn costume and scar along her face. Meanwhile, Dash's super speed has grown to Flash levels of power to even include time travel.

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Jack-Jack has been working on mastering his wide variety of powers. Wong said he imagined Jack-Jack would eventually learn to use all his powers at once, a la Super Skrull. His illustration includes a combination of Jack-Jack's three most distinctive abilities: laser eyes, pyrokinesis and his monster form.

Though Bob and Helen are dead in Wong's interpretation, there was a time where they were still in the hero game. Bob went from Mr. Incredible to "Old Man Incredible," having gone into a terrible fit of rage and vengeance after Helen was presumed dead due to currently unknown circumstances.

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All four members of the Incredible family also sport intricate tattoos on their body, but it's not clear what the tattoos mean, if anything.

There's still plenty of questions about this dystopian take on Pixar's family of heroes. Is Helen really dead? Is Edna Mode alive? More than anything, the fan art shows that not even a family franchise is exempt from these kinds of interpretations. Still, it's nice to know that even in the darkest of times, the Parr family sticks together to do what needs to be done.

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