Pixar's Onward Casts Chris Pratt, Tom Holland & More

The next original upcoming film from Pixar Animation Studios, Onward, has added four big names to its voice cast: Chris Pratt, Tom Holland, Julia Louis-Dreyfus and Octavia Spencer.

The movie is set in a suburban fantasy world and features two teenage elf siblings in search of magic in the world. Director Dan Scanlon, who worked with producer Kori Rae on 2013’s Monsters University, said, “At Pixar we try to create stories that come from some kind of personal truth. This film was inspired by my own relationship with my brother.”

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Along with this announcement, Rae and Scanlon had nothing but positive things to say about their dream cast of voice actors. “Chris brings equal parts huge heart and fantastic humor to his character,” Rae said, and “Tom has an infectious charm and sincerity that makes you root for him in every character he plays,” Scanlon added.

“There is no one funnier than Julia, but she also brings a warmth and loving side to her character," he continued. “Octavia can do it all, said Rae, We’re especially excited about the depth as well as humor that she brings to her character.”

Onward is scheduled to be released in theaters on March 6, 2020.

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