Incredibles 2 First Reactions Proclaim It Better Than the Original

That worldwide sigh of relief you hear is the collective Disney and Pixar fandom finally letting go of a breath they had been holding in for 14 years. Early reactions for the studios' highly-anticipated animated movie The Incredibles 2 have started to hit the web, and they are hailing the film as nothing short of... well, for lack of a better word, incredible.

According to those in attendance, the sequel manages to live up to the incredibly (pun intended) high standard of the original, and even finds a way to surpass it. Even more than that, some have gone so far as to describe it as the perfect superhero film and the best sequel Pixar has made since Toy Story 3.

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Check out some of the reactions below:

Brad Bird's original Incredibles has been a fan-favorite film ever since its release 14 years ago. Although a sequel has long been in demand, there was always the worry that the long amount of time between the two movies would prove to be a disconnect, and that the sequel wouldn't live up to the precedent established by the original.

Now, following early fan reactions, it's clear that fans have no reason to worry. Disney, Pixar and Bird appear to have pulled off the impossible. Nay, the incredible.

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Directed and written by Brad Bird, The Incredibles 2 hits theaters next week, on June 15.

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