Pixar Finally Reveals Its 'Ultimate Easter Egg'

If you thought Hank from Pixar's "Finding Dory" looked familiar yet you couldn't put a tentacle on why, it may be because the cantankerous octopus has been hiding "in plain sight" for more than two decades.

In an April Fools' Day video promoting the "Finding Nemo" sequel, director Andrew Stanton reveals the cephalopod is actually Pixar's ultimate Easter egg, using his camouflage abilities to appear in every film produced by the studio.

“Every Pixar fan knows that we love Easter eggs," he says. "But no one's managed to find our biggest secret hiding in the background of every one of our movies since 1995."

"Toy Story"? Check. "Up"? Check. "Inside Out." Well, you get the picture. Hey, Ed O'Neill, the voice of Hank (who's technically a "septopus," because he's missing a tentacle), bought it.

"Finding Dory" opens June 17.

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