Pixar Easter Egg Video Reveals Connections Spanning Two Decades

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Fans of undisclosed converging cinematic universes, rejoice! If you’ve been feverishly scrubbing through Pixar movies from the last 20 years, desperately seeking evidence that all of the animation giant’s films are somehow connected, you've just been given a gift: someone over at Pixar just did some of the footwork for you.

The Easter egg compilation appeared on the official “Toy Story” Facebook page and features a bevy of in-movie connections, ranging from simple symbols to places and characters stretching as far back as the original “Toy Story.”

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Some of the connections are more benign, like Riley -- the main character from “Inside Out” -- showing up at the aquarium in “Finding Dory.” Others paint a grimmer picture, like the red scooter ridden by “Ratatouille” antagonist Skinner, which shows up in one of the garbage heaps in the far-flung future of “Wall-E.”

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Nonetheless, viewers prone to cinematic speculation and conspiracy theories are no doubt having a field day with the video. What are the implications of characters from “Brave” appearing in the vehicle-dominated world of “Cars,” if any? What would a petrol-fueled world want with a façade depicting an ancient Scottish family? And what about the carved image of Sully from “Monsters Inc.” showing up in “Brave”? What is the relationship between the monster world and the Dunbroch clan?

While speculation will no doubt run rampant in certain channels of the web, perhaps it’s best to close the headcanon faucet and just enjoy the Easter eggs for what they are: a wildly successful animation company celebrating the hard work of hundreds of artists across years and years with targeted references.

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