To Infinity And Beyond: 25 Impossible Pixar Cosplays That Fans Managed To Pull Off

Ever since Toy Story first hit the big screen all the way back in 1995, Pixar has been capturing the imaginations of audiences, transporting them to worlds where monsters scare people for a living, toys have their own sets of problems, and a house can fly away with a bunch of helium balloons. Each Pixar film means something to different to everyone, whether it just makes them laugh, or it brings them to tears. So far, Pixar has released 20 films, averaging roughly one per year since their first theatrical release. Through all of those films, Pixar has introduced many memorable and lovable characters that have become fan-favorites. Sheriff Woody and Mr. Incredible mean as much to people as Mickey Mouse or Donald Duck.

That means that there are a lot of cosplayers out there who have chosen to dress themselves up as their favorite Pixar characters. What does it take to make a great Pixar cosplay? Well, one important aspect is getting the look right, but even beyond that, just capturing the essence of the character is enough to make a Pixar cosplay truly great. After all, trying to dress up as a car or a boxy robot might not be the easiest thing in the world, but finding the right way to express the personality and specific aspects of that character's looks can result in a truly great and creative cosplay. These 25 cosplayers did an excellent job representing their favorite cosplayers, and they show that anyone, no matter what age they are, can find joy in the worlds of Pixar.

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If you're going to have cosplays of the fish from Finding Nemo, then it only makes sense to include one of the humans as well, and who is a more prominently featured human than sweet Darla? After all, she does pose the biggest threat to Nemo, since she is not that great at taking care of all the other fish she is given.

This cosplay by promisetamang utilizes face paint to recreate Darla's giant headset adorned smile, but it's all the other great touches that complete this look perfectly, including the sweater, hair, and freckles.



Violet Parr might not be everyone's first choice for a cosplay from The Incredibles, but this cosplay from tarafyw shows that you can actually pull it off if you've got the right attitude and want to put the effort into it.

All of the pieces of this costumes are very well done. One aspect of it that is actually quite smart is using face paint for the mask rather than trying to stick a plastic mask on with some kind of adhesive. Not only is that difficult, but it can also hinder your vision (Photo by ashvangem).



When putting together a cosplay, it's important to put a little bit of a spin on it to really make it your own. In this case, this unknown cosplayer's Buzz Lightyear costume took its cues from a more realistic space suit. At least, as realistic as a Space Ranger can look.

While the battered plating over the black spandex lends this suit an air of realism, it doesn't skimp on including the things that make Buzz's spacesuit so recognizable, such as his giant dome helmet, colored chest buttons, and glow in the dark green accents (Photo by nwpark).



Sometimes to make a cosplay work, you have to have the right amount of life experience. That appears to be the case for this Carl cosplay by alaninkyryan, who is joined by his dog, fozzcook playing Dug.

Everything about this cosplay is amazing. There are the big, chunky glasses and brown suit, but also the cane complete with tennis balls and, of course, the balloons. This look is just wonderful and shows that anyone, no matter how old, can pull off a great cosplay.



You might think that cosplaying as one of the cars from the film Cars would be impossible, and in terms of looking exactly like the character, that may be true, but in cosplay, sometimes all that matters is capturing the essence of that character, something that shuggaqueencosplay does perfectly with her Lightning McQueen cosplay.

This cosplay is accomplished not with some kind of boxy attire made to look like a car, but rather through a NASCAR-style jumpsuit adorned with all of Lightning's sponsors, the most prominent, of course, being the Rust-Eze logo (Photo by goodiecosplay).

20 BOO


There's nothing better than when kids get as into cosplay as the adults. This kid's Boo costume is absolutely perfect. She even has the same sort of precocious attitude as the character from Monsters Inc., striking a perfect pose for the camera.

What's really great about this costume is that it is technically a costume within a costume, as it is the same as the one Boo has to wear in the film so that she isn't found out as a human (Photo by lionofdemise).



When you need to do something different with your cosplay, such as going beyond just dressing up like a fish, then you really have to get creative. That's exactly what mooniewarriorcosplay did with her Dory cosplay, transforming the forgetful fish into a princess.

Everything about this cosplay is just wonderful. It captures the bright blues and yellows of Dory, while also highlighting her fish freckles. This cosplay even includes a fun little addition in the goggles that lead Dory and Marlin to P. Sherman 42 Wallaby Way.



Colette is an important character in Ratatouille. More than just serving as a love interest for Linguini, she shows him the ropes when he is first starting off in the kitchen, taking him under her wing and teaching him how to be a professional chef.

This Colette cosplay by carolhaddad94 gets everything right about the character: the purple hair, the make-up, the chef's whites. Even the pose gives an air of confidence, the kind earned through years of kitchen experience (Photo by antonucci.fotografia).



There might not be anything more heroic than these amazing Frozone and Mr. Incredible cosplays (by cosplaynay and Mikel_Byrnes, respectively). They even managed to capture some really awesome poses in this photo. They're practically flying!

It just goes to show that a cosplay is only as good as who is wearing it. You have to be able to get into it and really represent your character when the time comes. At least this Frozone was able to find his super suit (Photo by Otis Casey Photography).



Mater is the lovable tow truck from the Cars films, whose simple way of thinking can be both hilarious and endearing. If you think it's impossible to cosplay as a tow truck, well, you might be right about that, which is why cosplayer alycat_cosplay chose to do things a little differently.

Her Mater cosplay foregoes the idea of trying to look exactly like a sentient vehicle, and instead opts to capture the elements of the character that make him so memorable, including a tool belt, cap, and brown gloves (Photo by Chiseled Light Photography).



Linguini is the clumsy wannabe chef of Ratatouille who teams up with Remy the rat in order to become one of the greatest chefs in France. There are many aspects to Linguini's look, all of which are captured perfectly in this cosplay by panfake.

Starting from the top, you have the chef's hat (which would be concealing Linguini's rodent partner), then the bright red hair. Going further, there are the chef's whites, apron, and even the bright red sneakers. The broom, which is the only thing Linguini is allowed to touch at the beginning of the film, is the perfect finishing touch (Photo by lysa-bell).

14 JOY

Joy has such a distinctive look in Inside Out that you might think it would be really difficult to capture it in a cosplay. After all, not only do you have to get the look right, but also the attitude (it's right there in the name, after all). Luckily, cosplayer namaryn totally nails it.

Not only is her dress a perfect match for Joy's in the film, but the hair, tights, and body paint totally complete the look. She even has the blue hair, which, without spoiling anything, actually foreshadows the conclusion of the film (Photo by Luis Guzman Fotografia).



Glitzy Geek Girl's take on Jessie the cowgirl from Toy Story 2 is really close to the actual look. In fact, it might be exactly right in every possible way. The shirt is totally perfect, and the cowskin chaps are pulled off well.

However, it's the hat and the hair that really sell this look. The bright red locks complete with a similarly red hat really sell the look and show that with a little bit of effort, a Pixar cosplay can look truly great.



In the film Wall-E, a single robot is left behind to clean up Earth after humans abandon it. He is lonely, but finds hope in all the pollution when he discovers a single plant growing. That sense of optimism is captured perfectly in this costume from one half of cosplay team nerdbutpro.

Here, the cosplayer opts not for a picture-perfect recreation of Wall-E's boxy look, but rather a representation of it in the form of coveralls, goggles, and what looks like a control panel on his chest. Despite looking more human than robotic, this cosplay captures the spirit of Wall-E, which is what really matters.



Cosplaying as Miguel from Coco doesn't have to stop at a red sweatshirt. That's demonstrated by this excellent no-frills cosplay from thatssogayge, who captures the young character's happiness in playing music.

Once again, this is an impressive costume within a costume, as it captures Miguel's look while he is trying to blend in with the other skeletons. The outfit and facepaint are absolutely great, but it's the addition of the guitar that really sells this cosplay (Photo by Chiseled Light Photography).



You might think that trying to cosplay as the fish from Finding Nemo would be impossible, but there are definitely ways to do it. Some cosplayers just decide to get more creative with their cosplays, basing their looks more on the color schemes of certain characters.

That's certainly the case for this cosplay by geekette90s, which captures the bright oranges and whites of Marlin, while adding in some nice accents, such as the captain's hat, shark and jellyfish. We also love how he captures the nervous energy of Marlin.



Jerry Pang perfectly captures the essence of Russell from Up in this light-hearted and spirited cosplay. Everything about it is perfect, including the balloons, merit badges, and Wilderness Explorer uniform. He even has Russell's backpack and net.

What really completes this cosplay is the positive energy beaming out of Jerry Pang's huge smile. Clearly, this is someone who has a lot of fun doing this kind of thing, which is really awesome to see. It also really completes the look of Russell (Photo by Cosphotos).



This Brave Merida cosplay by princesskeilee just shows why the film is considered to be Pixar's entry into the world of Disney princesses. After all, Merida fits into many of the categories that define a Disney princess: the story is about her, she follows her own path and find her inner strength, and she learns a valuable lesson along the way.

Everything about this cosplay is perfect, but what is really impressive is the way the orange hair really pops against the blue dress. However, it's the bow that completes this look, making this Merida cosplay completely perfect.



Every hero needs a great villain, and that came in the form of Syndrome in The Incredibles. Syndrome was the perfect opposite to Mr. Incredible and every other hero, because he had no powers, but wanted to show the world he could be a hero. However, he wanted to do it by putting people in danger.

Syndrome also had a very distinctive look, one that is captured perfectly by this cosplayer. Everything from the hair to the suit to the cape (that would be Syndrome's downfall) are just perfect (Photo by Mark Loertscher).



This Sadness cosplay lissables would make anyone smile, even if that's not exactly what she does in the movie Inside Out. All of the pieces of this cosplay are great, and they all come together to create the look of the bluest emotion.

From the oversized round glasses to the comfy-looking sweater, the apparel is pitch-perfect. What really sells this cosplay though is the blue face paint, lipstick, and hair. This is true dedication to a cosplay, and it paid off greatly. Something this great would definitely be a happy memory orb.


This Eve cosplay from the other half of nerdbutpro is the perfect contrast to the Wall-E part of their combined cosplay. In the film, Eve is a sleeker, more modern model of robot, one that looks completely opposite to the more old-school design of Wall-E.

Here, that look is captured perfectly in human form. The costume even includes the plant life indicator which turns on after Eve discovers Wall-E's plant and tries to take it back to the Axiom. The lit up blue goggles are also a nice touch.



This cosplay by daishota perfectly captures everything about Woody's folksy appearance. First, there is the bright yellow plaid shirt and the cowskin vest, complimented by the red handkerchief around the neck.

Then there are the accessories. The hat, the boots (hopefully there isn't a snake in them), and the holster are all pitch perfect. And, of course, who could forget about the most important part, the sheriff's badge? The only thing to complete this would be if "Andy" was written on the bottom of one of those boots (Photo by kashikosa).



This Hector cosplay from Coco is pulled off perfectly by deceptology , capturing the skeletal look of Hector. On top of the perfect outfit is what makes this cosplay really special, that being the face paint that incorporates some cultural designs as well.

All of these cosplays just demonstrate that when you love the subject matter and have a personal connection to it, you can make anything look great in real life, even if it's based on a toy, car, monster, or fish.



Roz is a fan favorite from Monsters Inc. She may not be as crucial to the story as Mike or sully, but her voice, appearance, and take-no-guff attitude have resonated with fans ever since she first appeared on-screen looking for Wazowski's paperwork.

This Roz cosplay is absolutely great, nailing down everything that makes the character so awesome: the horn-rimmed glasses, the impressively styled hair, and the ever-present frown. We can almost guarantee that no one working with Roz would want to get on her bad side (Photo by Kathryn Lockmiller).


This Elastigirl cosplay by TineMarieRiis is just fantastic. Most cosplayers might opt for the redesigned costume from Edna Mode, but she decided to opt for the classic costume, which Elastigirl dons once again in The Incredibles 2.

Everything about this cosplay is spot on, including the color and design of the suit, which also includes the right high heeled boots (which seem like they would be hard to fight crime in, but what do we know?) Even the logo is on point (Photo by Katrix Media).

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