Pittsburgh police arrest Spider-Man in store robbery

Spider-Man has defeated foes ranging from the Green Goblin and Electro to Venom and the Rhino, but he's no match for a convenience-store clerk with a Taser.

According to a Pittsburgh police report, a man wearing a Spider-Man costume entered the Atwood Xpress at 1:10 this morning and loudly asked the clerk, "How much money you got?" When the employee realized he was being robbed, he pulled out an "arcing Taser" and attempted to use on the wall-crawler, who then fled down the street quicker than Speed Demon.

However, the Pittsburgh Post Gazette reports a University of Pittsburgh police officer spotted a costumed suspect about a block away from the store and arrested him.

Johnathan N. Hewson, a 21-year-old Pitt student, was charged with one count of robbery and taken to the Allegheny County jail. He's expected to be arraigned sometime today. Below you can see video of Hewson -- handcuffed but still gripping a Spider-Man mask -- as he's escorted to a police car.

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