Pitt Crashes the Epic "Gen13" Re-Read

THE EPIC GEN13 RE-READ: "Gen13" (the miniseries) #3


My podcast obsession for the last couple of weeks has been The Animation Network.

It's an hour-long show focused on television animation, featuring interviews with currently-working creators and producers from every facet of the television animation industry; from animators to post production folks, from assistants to directors, from timing people to storyboard artists. No job is too small, too large, too obscure, or too obvious for host Kris Wimberly to tackle.

Feature animation seems to get all the glory, but there's so much more television animation out there. It's worth a deeper dive to explore how it all works. It's been eye opening for me to hear about some of the tasks the shows break down into in the modern digital and 3D age.

The shows aren't time sensitive, so feel free to start back as far in the history of the show as you'd like and work your way up. I find background painters particularly interesting for some reason, likely from my complete inability to paint...


  • Here's an exciting new development: EuropeComics.com is now open. It's basically a front-end to the Izneo digital comics platform; it highlights all of the Franco-Belgian albums that are available for digital purchase that have been translated into English. There's also some news on the page, as well. An editorial on the site explains how they chose the first books to highlight.
  • On the writing side of things, the Comic Book Script Archive is an invaluable resource for writers, including sample scripts and lots of interviews and script analyses.
  • I may have mentioned it here before, but keep an eye on the WildStorm Oral History project, just to watch its progress. He's getting some good interviews in there already.
  • It was just a few weeks back I took note of the end of G. Kendall's 90s comics blog project. Guess what? He's now at CBR, with a new project to recap the "glory days" of Wizard Magazine. The first one is a lot of fun already. I still have all my Wizard magazines, and I believe that includes all of the first four or five years. I'll be curious to see Kendall's reactions to some old memories I have about this issues.
  • Watch James Harren draw. Spoiler: He's a pen person.

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