Pitt And Aronofsky Take On The Tiger

It's the cinematic pairing that just can't say no to each other... even though they keep saying no to each other. After two failed attempts to work together, Brad Pitt and moviemaker Darren Aronofsky are trying one more time to make celluloid magic happen, adapting a true-life tale of tigers and terror.

The Hollywood Reporter reveals that The Fountain and Requiem For A Dream director Aronofsky is developing a movie adaption of upcoming non-fiction book The Tiger, written by an animal activist called John Vaillant who has to protect a Siberian village when a tiger decides to fight back against the progress of human civilization. Guillermo Arriaga, who wrote Pitt's Babel as well as 21 Grams, has been brought on board to adapt the book.

Aronofsky hasn't confirmed that he'll direct the movie, possibly out of nerves about jinxing the project; Pitt has previously left the director's The Fountain, and the two both left The Fighter. Here's hoping this time these crazy kids can make it happen with each other.

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