Pitch your dream Marvel/DC crossover (the odder the better!)

In lieu of reviewing a book in the Into the Back Issue Box series (I took last weekend off, too, and I do have a book lined up, but I just needed a break from it - and the book I read for it features ... the Beyonder, so you know it's awesome), I thought I'd ask you guys what your dream crossover would be.  Mine is below the fold!

Let's just assume that Joey Q decides to go off to Tibet to "find himself."  And let's assume that Dan DiDio realizes his true calling lies in the exciting world of Mixed Martial Arts.  These two gentlement are replaced by two people who think Marvel/DC crossovers are the grooviest thing in the world, and they call for submissions from the unwashed masses (you and me) for the crossovers we want to see!  Here's your chance!  The deal is: Pick two characters you want to see team up (or fight).  If you choose teams, you must specify who is on the team and it has to be a team that has existed as some point in the past.  No making up a team of your favorite characters!  Give a brief scenario of the plot, perhaps a villain, and the perfect creative team to bring your vision to life.  Here's mine:

Looker meets Dazzler.  Long-time readers of the blog know that these two ladies are among my favorite characters, and the fact that Looker is dead (boo!) shouldn't interfere with the crossover plans!  I would use the versions of the characters that I know and love (from the mid-1980s), so Ms. Briggs would not be a vampire (which she became at the height of Buffy-mania), and Ms. Blaire would not have the bad haircut she has right now in New Excalibur (that's where she is, right?).  Plus, she would have the blue costume with the gold star.  My pitch is that Lia, who's a model, is in Milan doing some sort of fashion thing.  Alison is touring with her band in Italy.  The story would be an international spy intrigue kind of thing, with two ways the story could go: there's a string of murders in the fashion and rock and roll industry, and the heroes have to team up to solve them (if you want to go a bit more gritty); or there's some kind of European intrigue going on (an assassination plot? a coup?) that demands more superheroing and could possibly involve Dr. Doom, as Latveria presumably could be in the EU or Doom wants it to be.

For a writer, I think Jeff Parker could hit it out of the park, as he seems to be good at the whole international spy thing.  Will Pfeifer wrote the last good Dazzler story, so he could be an option.  As for an artist, my first thought was Milo Manara (the link is not safe for work, by the way), because it takes place in Italy and he could get the scene down (as well as draw beautiful women!), but if we're a bit skittish that he might turn it into a porn comic, we could look elsewhere.  Jill Thompson illustrated that Pfeifer-penned Dazzler story and could do a fine job if the story was a bit light-hearted.  My first (company-approved) choice would be the man, the myth, the legend: Alan Davis.  Not only does he do a wonderful job with the characters (he's drawn them both, after all, and neither have been better-looking than when he drew them), but he can easily handle the international setting.  Davis could even design a new costume for Lia, because, let's be honest, she's never really had a good one.


So: Looker and Dazzler.  A slam dunk!  Pitch your own crossover in the comments!

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