Pires reaches the final leg of his music trilogy

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It’s intriguing to see writer Curt Pires reach the third leg of his music trilogy, Pop (the first two legs were LP and Theremin). When I interviewed Pires about LP nearly two years ago, it was a project he self-published. So I was immensely pleased to see that the recognition of Pires' talent had grown since that first leg to the point Dark Horse is publishing this new four-issue limited series.

This installment of his music trilogy marks the first time I have not interviewed the writer before reading it. So it was enjoyable for me to come to the story without any preconceived notions about the narrative. Pires is savvy in terms of the artists he teams with on projects—LP featured Ramon Villalobos and Theremin tapped Dalton Rose. So while I was already aware and appreciative of Pop artist Jason Copland, due to his past work on Kill All Monsters, I think this is a limited series that will make Copland’s work even more widely recognized.

I love how Pop is a reworking of the modern day music scene with a sci-fi twist and a commentary on Pires’ part. As a pop culture junkie, I crave this type of storytelling. As for Copland’s art, he knocks it out of the park quite early in the first issue with a 16-panel page. Another element that really makes the art sing in this limited series is Pete Toms’ coloring—he uses a palette perfectly suited to the tone of the series.

Without spoiling anything, suicidal ideation plays a role in this story and I hope that aspect is explored more to some extent. While that may prove a challenge (there is only so much ground one can cover in four issues), I trust Pires would not use that story element without plans to address it further.

Bottom line: Pop is definitely a must read limited series judging by issue 1—kudos to Pires. Copeland, Toms and Dark Horse.


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