'Pirates,' 'Lone Ranger' Co-Writer On Board 'Masters of the Universe' Film

A rebooted Masters of the Universe live-action film has been in development for years, and Monday brought word via The Hollywood Reporter of a new writer attached to the project -- Terry Rossio, the co-writer of, among other noteworthy works, this summer's much-maligned The Lone Ranger.

Beyond Lone Ranger, Rossio has film credits dating back to 1989's Little Monsters, contributing to the screenplays of major successes including Aladdin, Shrek and all four Pirates of the Caribbean movies.

As Rossio joins the film, John M. Chu exits, with the G.I. Joe: Retaliation director no longer on board (though he's been talking up the third G.I. Joe film on Twitter, showing that '80s toy-driven properties aren't far from his thoughts). The new Masters of the Universe film -- at one point simply titled "Grayskull," like the castle -- is set to detail He-Man and the gang's adventures solely on Eternia, rather than taking the action to Earth like the 1987 movie.

A Masters of the Universe reboot has been kicking around in one form or another since 2003, at that point with Face/Off director John Woo attached. Justin Marks wrote an earlier screenplay which received positive buzz, with the writer telling the now-defunct magazine ToyFare in 2007, "If we don't see the humanity and the truth in what Skeletor's trying to do, then the story's not compelling."

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