Disney's Pirates of the Caribbean Eyes Reboot With Deadpool Writers

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Disney is in talks with Deadpool writers Rhett Reese and Paul Wernick to reboot its $4.5 billion Pirates of the Caribbean franchise.

Deadline reports that Jerry Bruckheimer, who oversaw the first five films in the blockbuster series, would remain as producer.

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It's unclear at such an early stage whether star Johnny Depp, who's played Captain Jack Sparrow since the 2003 original film, will reprise his role for the reboot.

Inspired by the Disney parks attraction of the same name, the Pirates of the Caribbean film series launched in 2003 with The Curse of the Black Pearl, a fantasy swashbuckler in which the swaggering and treacherous Jack Sparrow seeks to reclaim his ship while exacting revenge against the mutinous Captain Barbossa. The fifth film, Dead Men Tell No Tales, was released last year to mixed reviews, and the second-lowest box office gross of the series. There were reports of a potential sequel -- indeed, key cast members were even contracted for a follow-up -- but there have been no public signs of movement on such a project.

In addition to Deadpool and it sequel, Reese and Wernick wrote Zombieland and Zombieland 2. They also penned the forthcoming Netflix film 6 Underground, directed by Michael Bay and starring Ryan Reynolds.

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