Disney World Has Changed the Pirates of the Caribbean's Marriage Auction Scene

Disney World has altered the divisive "wench auction" scene from its The Pirates of the Caribbean attraction. Since the ride opened in 1955, the ride featured a scene where a man auctions off a red-haired woman to a rowdy gang of drunken pirates, but now this iconic animatronic has a new story.

At Disney Parks Blog, portfolio creative executive at Walt Disney Imagineering Kathy Magnum explained, "In this scene, the familiar redhead figure has switched sides to become a pirate named Redd, who’s just pillaged the town’s rum supply and has something to say about it."

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This is not the first time the ride has been updated in the name of social responsibility. The ride once included a scene in which women were chased around by men, obviously with bad intentions. Imagnineers put trays of food into the women's hands back in 1977, to imply that the pirates were chasing food instead of the women.

According to Magnum, the Imagineer team makes these kinds of adjustments because of Walt Disney's encouragement to "keep moving forward." The ride has also been updated to include Captain Jack Sparrow and other characters from the Pirates movies, giving fans more reason to visit the old fan-favorite attraction.

The updated "Auction" scene premiered in Disney World Resort's Magic Kingdom in Orlando, Florida on Monday. Disneyland in Anaheim, California will get the same treatment on April 23.

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