Pipeline San Diego: Day 3

At the Image Founding Fathers panel today, Todd McFarlane accepted full responsibility for the lateness of the 10th Anniversary Hardcover. (Marc Silvestri raised his hand halfway up to indicate that he was half responsible for it, as well.) McFarlane wouldn't go any further than to say there were certain other outside reasons he couldn't do the book right now. I wanted to shout out, "Then do a story WITHOUT one of Neil Giaman's characters." I behaved, though.

The rest of the panel was filled with Todd McFarlane grabbing the microphone, standing up, and taking over the panel for as long as possible each time. Every once in a while, he even came close to the topic of the question.

Erik Larsen was the butt of a lot of the jokes for being the only guy to keep doing the same comic for ten years. When Todd McFarlane pointed to Dave Sim and CEREBUS as being around for longer than DRAGON, Larsen said with a deapan, "He's going to stop."

The big news of the panel, as far as this column is concerned, is that TELLOS is returning in 2003, with Todd Dezago writing, and Mike Wieringo and Craig Rousseau drawing the book. The current format is for Wieringo and Rousseau to each do a ten page story. In the meantime, SONS & MOONS will be out in October. (See this Tuesday's column for more PREVIEWS looks...)

One other bit of news included the announcement of Jay Faerber and Jamal Igle's new superhero series, VENTURE. It's to be joined by other series, including a new one by Keith Giffen called DOMINION.

The floor was packed today. Not much elbow room. It was as bad as I thought it'd be.

Dani's my personal hero of the day. She took two pictures of me with the Music and Movie Geeks from Comedy Central's BEAT THE GEEKS Those pictures wil most definitely run here in the next week or two.

Thanks, Dani.

And that was my geek moment of the day. I never did see Weird Al Yankovic, who I heard was roaming the floor today. That might have trumped even the Geeks. He's been around longer.

That's it. It's late. I want to go hit the night life. Come back Tuesday for a look at the most recent PREVIEWS, and Friday for some pictures from San Diego.

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