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Those of you who've followed my extensive San Diego convention travel coverage in the past know that something always goes wrong when it comes to transportation on the day of the convention's preview night, and then again usually on the following Sunday.

This year was no different. The drive home from work, you see, is a twisty one lane road. Speed limit: 35 MPH. The problem is, you get the occasional school bus or classic car driver out for their favorite Sunday drive at rush hour, and you're stuck behind them for five miles of pain. It seems like you're crawling when you're pushing 30 on a road like that, but there's nowhere else to go. I loathe historical/antique/classic (take your pick) cars today. They were Matchboxes when I was little. Now they're middle-aged men's toys, just past their mid-life crisis, but still with a little too much money to spend. Comics are so much cheaper, though it's arguable as to which one takes up more space.

Ha! Never thought you'd read any comic columnist worth his salt calling comics cheap, did you?

For the first time in memory, this was the first trip on convention day that I wasn't sitting around and waiting in a large room half filled with DC's editorial staff. No, I sat in a freezing cold office all day at my employer's posh office complex in the mountains of Mahwah, NJ, where Greg Rucka once set a scene in an Atticus Kodiak novel.

Dinner wasn't in the Gas Lamp District, though I did fill up my gas tank this morning. There was no wild bar hopping in the after hours, but I did hoist a glass of Diet Pepsi in a generally westward direction. Cheers!

I didn't walk down any street tonight. It was too hot. There was no bay breeze, and no well lit park.

I stopped at the local supermarket to buy some cold cuts for sandwiches the rest of the week, but it was no Ralph's. Heck, it's not even open past midnight. Slackers!

On the bright side, I didn't stand in line for a half hour to pick up my press pass that nobody could find because they filed "De Blieck" under "B" instead of "D," or even "A."

To quote SPAMALOT, "Always look on the bright side of life!"

Tomorrow: I don't attend a lot of panels. That'll be on purpose, not because I lost track of time or forgot.

Seriously, though, tomorrow's column will be my minute-by-minute blow-by-blow account of the Image Founders panel. And it'll be up hours before the panel begins. I'm good that way.

Now go check out the front page of ComicBookResources.com to see all the news, as it's breaking.

And look for the podcasts at ThePipelinePodcast.com.

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