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Ah, Sunday. It's the final day of the convention, and I'm exhausted. I didn't get any sketches at the con this year, but there's two reasons for that. First, I've gotten sketches from most of the artists I'd want sketches from in previous years. Asking for another one seems presumptuous to me, quite often. Second, I didn't go to the convention. Minor detail, that.

Still, this is the day to take advantage of the sales. Nobody wants to pack their stuff up and trudge it home in a wheeled cart behind them and out the front door. It's much easier and cheaper to sell at huge discounts. So take advantage of that. I plan on doing something similar: The new circulars just came out and ShopRite has a nice deal this week on Edy's Sugar Free ice cream. Time to stock up!

The news cycle is all but over. By Sunday, everyone is hung over from all the partying. Panels are hidden in uncomfortable corners. Lots of people are leaving early to beat the rush, or to get back to work tomorrow. There'll be a couple of Spotlight panels, some How To panels happening far too early in the morning to keep anyone awake, and then the redundant panels in the afternoon, where Marvel and assorted imprints of DC will go through their slide shows again and reiterate the same things they told us with such vigor in the last two days. If you missed it again here, don't worry - there will be encore presentations in Chicago in a couple of weeks. Creators will show up late to the panels, where someone will crack wise about their ability to hit deadlines being reflected in their inability to cross the crowded convention floor in less than ten minutes. (It's not possible, unless you're Stan Lee, carrying a megaphone and surrounded by Storm Troopers.)

At five p.m., the tears start, as the rent-a-cop security forces from ELITE march around in their bright red shirts, attempting to cajole people into getting off the show floor so the exhibitors can pack up and leave. The con floor needs to be cleared by tomorrow morning so that the dental products exhibition can start on time Tuesday, with even lousier tippers than the comics folk for the locals to grouse about. Somehow, people dressed as Storm Troopers manage to tip better than people shilling dental floss.

The mad dash will happen amongst thousands of fans as they stream to the airport, trying desperately to figure out how to configure their luggage packed with Comicon booty into bags of no less than 50 pounds a piece, so that they airline won't charge them extra. I had to do that last year and let me tell you - it's no fun. A lot of it gets strapped to your back and carried on.

The last couple of years, I took the red eye flight home, leaving San Diego at 11 p.m. or so, and arriving in Newark at 6:00 a.m. This year, I plan to spend that time sleeping in my own bed. On the other hand, I'll be waking up at 6:20 to go to work, instead of spending the next two days off catching up on lost sleep and playing golf.

Thanks for spending another year reading my Man On The Floor coverage of the San Diego Comic Con. I regret only that I was on a floor somewhere in Northern NJ instead of Southern California. It greatly impacted the veracity of these columns, but the entertainment value was still outstanding.

In a couple of weeks, Wizard World pulls into Chicago. But will anyone notice?

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Coming Tuesday: A San Diego 2007 Wrap Up column.

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