Pipeline, Issue #7


An abbreviated version. Didn't read that many comics this week.

STORMWATCH #50 was supposed to be out this week. It isn't. Thus endeth the Obligatory Warren Ellis reference for this week's edition.

Jim Demonakos recently revamped the Unofficial Savage Dragon web site. It's located at http://www.savagedragon.com and is quite spiffy. It uses frames, just to warn those of you who can't handle it. However, it is an excellent and in-depth look at the world of Erik Larsen's creation, including picture galleries, episode guides, character guides, news, fan art, and more.

Just to hit you over the head with this one more time: Uncle $crooge comics are some of the finest around, both in terms of fun and craftsmanship. Storytelling is key, and the craft is practiced no more strongly than in these Duck books, currently published by Gladstone and ignored by 99.5% of America. It's a shame to see such great comics withering on the vine.

This is the weekend of the San Diego Comic Con. And news has already begun to spill out, from Claudia Christian leaving Babylon to Miss Calander having a bigger role in the second season of Buffy: The Vampire Slayer. I can't wait to read all the con reports in the coming days and get the bigger scoop. And I can't wait to actually make it to one of those cons in the future. (Optimistically, I might be there in two years. =)

Let me just recommend a trio of comic books I *did* get around to reading this week which come highly recommended:

A TOUCH OF SILVER #4 is out, and it's the darkest issue to date. Lots of swearing, some hard-to-take stuff. On the exact opposite side of that coin, though, is QUANTUM & WOODY #6, the funniest comic to come out in a long time. This issue is no exception. I love this comic. It just sorta meanders, with some funny stuff thrown in. NINJAK #9 is also pretty neat, but that goes without saying. My only problem with it is with some of the illegible lettering. Having individual lettering styles for characters comes at a price. Namely, technical characters shouldn't be given that old-fashioned computer font for dialogue. Yuck.

One actual *book* recommendation, too, while I'm at it. I'm a science-fiction fan, as are most comic book readers, I imagine. Isaac Asimov is my hero, for his writings and not his politics. But my favorite current writer has to be Ben Bova. I'm about 40 pages away from finishing BROTHERS right now and I'm blown away by it. This guy can write, even if he is turning into Michael Crichton. ;-)

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