Pipeline, Issue #67


Sorry, gang, no reviews this week. I really haven't read much this

past week, save for Ben Bova's excellent novel, MOONRISE. (I'm

still not done with it, and I fear this paragraph might prove

paradoxical in that I just reviewed something. ARGH!)


Joe Torcivia poses the following question, "How does one store original art?"

I don't really have much. Just a couple of sketches. But it is an interesting question. Those of you who do have original pages of

comic art, what do you do with them?


I spent the weekend out at Joe's house celebrating his son's big 5th

birthday party. Had a great time, talked to some real comics fans.

Then I had to explain to some people back at home what I did this

weekend. They had a tough time understanding the fact that I have

friends who are -- sorry to do this to you, Joe -- old enough to

almost be my father. I looked around me and realized most of the

fans I was with this weekend were in their thirties. I was the

baby. And it didn't feel weird to me at all.

Other people think it is. But feh on them. Comics fandom is a

strange thing for this other reason: Age doesn't really matter all

that much. Oh, sure, Joe may have a greater affection for Silver

Age DC's than I do, but he can't stand the early Image stuff I used

to worship at the time. On the other hand, both things have one

thing in common: They go back to what we grew up with. It's the

whole Golden Age of 8 routine: Whatever you read when you were 8

years old was the Golden Age. (OK, in my case, I was 13.)


Ben Herman, sometimes seen lurking in the pages of THE SAVAGE

DRAGON's letters column, chimes in with his method of comic book


How do I organize my collection? With some confusion. I have most Marvel titles alphabetical on bookshelves, followed by most DC titles. Then I have a whole mess of stuff in boxes. Two boxes for X-books, one box for Spider-Man books (not much has gone in there in the last three years), two boxes for Image books (used to be only one, but it got filled up), a box for Batman and related characters, a box for Superman (another one that hasn't gotten many new additions recently), a box for Valiant/Acclaim, a box for Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles books (including Image ones), two boxes for pretty much any other company (Dark Horse, Slave Labor, Harris, you name it), and two boxes for media related comic books by all manner of publishers (series include Transformers, G.I. Joe, Robotech, Battlestar alactica, and, yes, Disney). Finally, there's one box which has the majority of my autographed comic books.

Ben gets the award for the first (and so far only) person to have a box separated for media tie-ins. Like Ben, I have a box separated

for Superman comics. It still stands separate from my on-going alphabetical order scheme. Thankfully, I stopped reading the weekly

comics just before I ran out of room in the box.

Now I'm tired and want to go to bed. Pardon the short column this

week. Next week we'll be back with a ton of reviews. I hope.

Thanks to Ben and Joe (and little Joey) for the material for this

week's column!

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