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I'm going to try something a little different this week. Usually, I preview a couple of books in this space that are due out in comic shops near you this week. I didn't read any of those comics this week, though. In their place, I'm going to highlight some interesting books from the list provided by Diamond Comics detailing what's due to be released on 17 October 2001. This is by no means the entire list, and it isn't even my entire shopping list. I would suggest checking out Diamond's page or, for a little more clarity and ease of readability, ComicList.com.

AUG010044 JOSS WHEDONS FRAY #4 (Of 8) $2.99

Whedon has a real winner here. It skipped a month for scheduling purposes, but should kick right back in this week. Joss Whedon has proven that he does, indeed, have the ability to write comic scripts in addition to television scripts. Karl Moline has broken out with this book. Hopefully, people will follow him over to CrossGen next year when this book is finished.

AUG010186 BIRDS OF PREY #36 $2.50

More Dixony goodness. Ed McGuinness does the cover, although at first blush it looks like Mike Wieringo's art.

AUG010248 GEN 13 #70 $2.50

It's unfortunate how overlooked this book has become. Adam Warren is doing great work in writing it.


This one is much later than I would have thought possible. Nevertheless, I'm sure it will be purty.


Again it needs to be asked: How does "Just Imagine Stan Lee" get abbreviated "JIST"?!? In its defense, it's easier to verbalize than "JISL."

AUG010197 SUPERBOY #93 $2.25

I don't think Joe Kelly and Pascual Ferry have gotten the respect they deserve for their run on this book. There have been some great and crazy issues here.

AUG011450 100 GREATEST MARVELS #1 $7.50

This one will definitely get the flip test. We'll see what's published in it first. I think a lot of people will be doing that.

AUG011419 CABLE #98 $2.25

This is the second issue of the all-new and all-different CABLE series. David Tischman and Igor Kordey did a bang-up job on their first issue together.

AUG011433 DAREDEVIL #26 $2.99

Bendis' run begins. He's got a challenge to him to compare favorably to Bob Gale's just-concluded storyline. I think he'll manage, though.

AUG011462 INCREDIBLE HULK #33 (Note Price) $3.50

It's a 100 page Monster (get it?) with a lead story starring Queen Divine Justice, written by Christopher Priest. Looks great. One of the three backup stories is a self-contained Peter David HULK story from early in his run. Let's hope Marvel starts putting out collections of those issues soon.


This is the book that will get me to my comic shop on Wednesday just as soon as humanly possible. This is the book I've been waiting a long time for. It may only contain the first few issues of McFarlane's run on the book, and it's far from the best, but it's exciting, nonetheless. The comic that started it all for me was AMAZING SPIDER-MAN #318 by McFarlane. I was an instant fan. These early McFarlane stories are exciting to look at, just because we get to see him re-imagine so many characters in the exciting style he had in those days. Heck, he made a nerdy scientist insect-lover look cool just because of the way he drew capes. I don't know that the stories will hold up at all, but it's the art that's the draw for me here.

AUG012085 BONEYARD #4 (MR) $2.95

This is another reason why I'm glad I read comics. If you aren't reading this series yet, then you don't know what you're missing. (Obviously.) But you'd be a much better and more fulfilled person if you did read this fun and comedic look at a group of movie monsters who live, unwanted, in a small town's cemetery. Great stuff in this book. Richard Moore's art is also incredibly easy on the eyes.


It's a good week for good comics, isn't it? Brian Wood has some sample pages available on his web site. They're worth a read. I'm looking forward to seeing what Wood can do with a comic that's just meant to be fun and crazy, and not necessarily socially relevant or deeply political. I liked his GENERATION X, so I have high hopes for this one.

AUG012103 KISSING CHAOS #2 (MR) $2.25

AUG012102 MAGIC PICKLE #2 $2.95

Oni has two winners here. Sure, the story in KISSING CHAOS is all over the place right now, but I trust that all will be clarified as the story moves along.

AUG011729 SHADES OF BLUE #4 $2.50

I do believe I picked this one up already in Chicago this summer. It's a very good read, though, and I think I may even have reviewed it here already.

AUG011910 SOJOURN #4 $2.95

Greg Land remains one of the best artists in comics today, and it's only through CrossGen now that people are starting to realize this. Better late than never, I suppose.

JUL012107 VAMPIRELLA #3 REG ED (Note Price) $2.99

I'm giving Mark Millar's storyline a try. I'm not a vampire buff, so some of it may be lost on me, but I'm still enjoying the read.


The first issue came out a lifetime ago, it seems. This is done in the same style as Mike Kunkel's HEROBEAR AND THE KID, and published by Kunkel's company, Astonish Comics. This time, a little girl goes to super hero school. It's a charming and witty book so far. I have high hopes for the second issue.


Friday's column detailing a lot of trade paperbacks I'd like to see, but doubt I would, proved very popular. You've all had so many wonderful additions to my list that I thought I'd put them up here.

There were a lot of calls for one particular trade collection, The Complete George Perez WONDER WOMAN. I'm not so sure that we'll never see it, but at the rate things are going these days, I wouldn't be putting money on seeing the trade anytime soon. I've never read the issues, which is probably a big part of the reason I've never taken to the character. I'd love to read those issues, though. Maybe when AVENGERS/JLA hits, Perez mania will return and DC will put out a collection of those WW issues.

Will Allred writes in to recommend another Mark Gruenwald title for trade paperback status: QUASAR. This one easily fits in the category of TPBs You'll Never See. Specifically, he would like to see the "Cosmos in Collision" storyline from issues #13-25. Greg Capullo drew the heart of those stories (in his pre-Todd McFarlane style days), and the covers came from such diverse talents as Todd McFarlane (I remember buying that issue just for his cover), Mike Mignola, and Steve Lightle.

CBR contributor Keith Giles writes in with a suggestion I didn't think of. It's one, though, that I think lots of people would be interested in.

Just thought I'd comment that, with the recent announcement that GI JOE,TRANSFORMERS and STAR WARS would be collected into trades, don't you think we should start a campaign to reprint the cool Michael Golden run on THEMICRONAUTS?

I have to admit – I'd get it just for the Michael Golden art. This would fit nicely on the bookshelf with the other Marvel reprints.

Over on the Pipeline message board, Ted Bragg recommended the six-issue Keith Giffen/Tom & Mary Bierbaum series, THE HECKLER. I can't believe I didn't think of that one.

Going back a little further, how about a complete AMBUSH BUG collection? Giffen did some extremely funny stuff with that character.

Also on the Pipeline message board, Jack Ryder suggested MASTER OF KUNG FU. With the popularity of Asian cinema and kung fu/wire fu these days, it might not be as strange an idea as it sounds. I've never read any of it, but I know there's a loyal fan base for it. With a cult following like that, there might be a shot. Or, it might have to wait until there's a movie deal.

Coming up Friday: FROM HELL. It's one of the reasons you didn't see reviews here today. It took a good chunk out of my reading time these past couple of weeks. The book is 500 pages long. With the movie due out on Friday, I think it's time to look at this Alan Moore/Eddie Campbell masterpiece. Then we can all brace ourselves for the worst-case movie scenario.

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