Pipeline, Issue #103


The best thing about this column is that when I just don't have any

organized thoughts to put together in a given week, I can get away with

this format. =)

  • OK, here are my only comments on Star Wars movie. I liked the

    movie. And I think more people will realize how good this one

    was after they've seen the next movie or two.

  • I've never read any of the STAR WARS comics. I find it odd in

    the same way I found DC's release schedules for STARS AND

    S.T.R.I.P.E. or MARTIAN MANHUNTER that Dark Horse

    released both the first issue of their movie adaptation along with

    the TPB collecting the entire adaptation. I'm sure there's some

    theory behind that. It boggles my mind. I think they'd have been

    better off to just release the TPB, even with two separate covers

    -- an artist's cover and a photo cover. I suppose it's just all part of

    the Star Wars madness that's gripped the country lately. I mean,

    could you imagine Dark Horse doing the same with Frank Miller's

    FAMILY VALUES graphic novel?!?

  • Chris Eliopoulos writes to inform that there

    will be a DESPERATE TIMES trade

    paperback collecting the 4 issues of the

    series that were printed along with all the

    backup strips from the pages of THE

    SAVAGE DRAGON and some new stuff,

    including fan art. It's due out in September

    and looks to be packed full of goodness for

    the money. So if your shop sold out of the

    hilarious book co-starring comicdom's only

    drunken sloth (literally), tell them to order it

    for you now. You can thank me later.

  • Also, I should give a little plug to Phriend Phil's web site. It was his

    DVD of The Predator which I watched last week, and I should

    thank him here for that and plug his excellent web site, filled with

    computer models of various Star Trek vehicles and ships. It's

    some great 3-D computer work. Take a look.

  • I asked my local Pokemon distributor this week when the Star

    Wars Pokemon action figures were coming out. You know --

    Pokemon Kenobe? She said they were coming in next week,

    along with the rare variant figure. (In case this needs saying: Yes,

    we were joking.)

  • J. Torres, hoping to be the single most-talked about creator in

    Pipeline history, wrote in this week to let me know that Monster

    Fighters Inc. #1 has a currently official release date of June 8th.

  • J. Torres still has a long way to go before he beats Warren Ellis or Erik Larsen.

  • I was so happy to hear that QUANTUM & WOODY is

    returning this fall to print that I did the only thing any fan could do

    to honor this announcement: I caught up on THE BLACK

    PANTHER. It's an excellent comic. Not as good as Q&W, but

    done in the same style and lots of fun. Now I'm having a blast

    rereading Q&W.

  • FANBOY #5 this week features Batman artists including Neal

    Adams and Frank Miller. For his next trick, Mark Evanier will

    have Alan Moore write a WATCHMEN spoof for FANBOY

    #7. . . Steven Bissette will draw.

  • The longer I read comics, the

    more I'm convinced that the

    only way to do so is in batches.

    I'm enjoying BLACK

    PANTHER now more than

    ever before because there's no

    4-week wait until the next

    chapter in the story. And let's face it -- my memory stinks.

  • Picked up a copy of RED

    RIVER from Stephen Blue at

    Madison Square Garden a

    couple of weeks ago. It's really

    weird. I have to read it again

    before I can decide if I can

    recommend it. It's pretty far out

    there. But he's a really nice guy, who's genuinely enthusiastic

    about what it is he does. He's also got a distinctive art style that's

    fun to look at. So look out for his stuff.

  • I was pleasantly surprised by CAPTAIN AMERICA:

    SENTINEL OF LIBERTY #11. I have all

    the issues of the series so far but haven't read

    any of them since the fourth issue or so. Here,

    though, Mark Waid pulls together a

    light-hearted, character-oriented script for

    Walter McDaniel and Anthony Williams to

    pencil. I think it works out rather well.

  • I think THOR gets the award for book I

    keep buying but not reading. Issue #13 just came out and I don't

    think I've read the darned thing since issue #4 or #5. I like the

    book but it's one that easily confuses you with all the Norse

    names. I need to read this one in a big batch.

  • I still believe that the majority of the BULLDOG rumor that

    Rich's Ramblings has posted will eventually come true. It just

    makes too much sense for it not to. Of course, this is a topic for

    another column entirely.

  • Just so that people don't accuse me of being a "typical on-line

    columnist," allow me to diverge from popular opinion and

    commonly stated "fact" for a moment to say: I've never seen


    CHASING AMY and have

    even less interest in their

    comics. AUSTIN POWERS is

    not a great movie. It has its

    moments, but I don't see vague attempts to string catch phrase

    after catch phrase along on a thin string to be the recipe for a

    great movie.

  • I also resent WIZARD putting AUSTIN POWERS on its cover.

    Pathetic. And the real comic book art backup choice wasn't that

    great, either. I love Adam Hughes' art, but I'd prefer to have a

    less pandering choice sometime.

  • I also think Dawson's Creek is one of the best most consistently

    written show on television today. To a limited extent, GEN13

    could do well by aping that style for its comic. I'm surprised we

    haven't seen more comics trying it yet.

  • The title of this column is a complete misnomer. Only a couple of

    these bullet points have been a one-liner. It's the thought that

    counts, though.

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