Pinocchio is hell on vampires (and crickets, of course)

There's such a wonderfully simple internal logic to a story about a wooden boy who battles the undead that I almost can't believe no one has come up with Pinocchio: Vampire Slayer before now.

Seriously, it's perfect: With a pine body impervious to fangs, and a growing nose providing an ever-present stake, the little puppet is ready-made to kill the creatures of the night.

But Van Jensen and Dusty Higgins beat everyone else to the punch: Jensen announced today that their 122-page graphic novel will be released this fall by SLG Publishing.

"The book takes off from the end of Carlo Collodi’s fairy tale, as vampires suddenly invade Pinocchio’s village," Jensen writes. "It’s a blend of humor, fantasy and horror."

You can read a sequence from Pinocchio: Vampire Slayer here.

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