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[Pin-Up Girls]Los Angeles ­ Humanoids Publishing enthusiasticallyannounces a new graphic album from TechnoPriests creator, Fred Beltran, duethis July. Metal Hurlant Proudly Presents: Pin-Up Girls From Around TheWorld is a collection of pin-up artwork from one of the mediums most uniqueand talented creators. Presented in the high quality albums that Humanoidsis known for, Pin-Up Girls From Around The World is being released tocoincide with Beltran's current Megalex serial and pin-up work in MetalHurlant.

Pin-Up Girls From Around The World is a tongue-and-cheek presentation, meantto showcase Beltran's art within the context of pop culture. Pages displayinfluences from many different areas including pin-up magazines from the50's, television, movies, music, and comic books.

"It's a very layered book", says Ian Sattler, Marketing Manager forHumanoids who is also credited as writer and co-creative director on thebook. "First and foremost, people are going to notice Beltran's art. Thereis nothing else like it in the world, and it's going to win over a lot ofnew fans. Past that, it was important that Pin-Up Girls From Around TheWorld was different than other art books out there. There is something tonotice on every page, whether it be something Beltran hid in the art, wherecaptions are taken from, or what an image is parodying. I know that peoplewon't catch everything right away. There is no filler in this book; it'sfull of detail. And the girls don't seem to be wearing much clothing, sothat's always a plus."

Fred Beltran is an international superstar artist, his work in Europe sellshundreds of thousands of copies. In the past he has let his art speak foritself. Pin Up Girls From Around The World will feature an exclusiveinterview with Beltran, in which he will discuss the process behind hiscreations and several other exciting topics.

His bio for this album reads as follows: "Fred Beltran is not an easy manto find. The multi-millionaire playboy has a history of never staying inone place for too long, as can be witnessed by his recent two-year hot airballoon trip around the world. Beltran has had many careers over hislifetime: race car driver, the 5th best selling musician of all time, sharkhunter, mercenary, president of a lucrative winery, head of the "Beltran 4Kids" charity, male model, and Olympic water polo champion are just a few ofthe astonishing accomplishments Beltran has to his name. But now, at longlast, he has returned to his true passion: Pin-Up Girls. Metal HurlantPresents: Pin-Up Girls From Around The World is a collection of Beltran'swork that was inspired from the many different locals he visited during hisglobe-spanning balloon trip. Hot on the heels of Beltran's other acclaimedwork for Humanoids Publishing, Megalex and The TechnoPriests, thiscollection is everything the fans have hoped for and much, much more. Herenow is a rare look into the mind of the world's most famous and adoredinternational playboy of art and excitement."

Metal Hurlant Proudly Presents: Pin-Up Girls From Around The World, a64-page hardcover album retailing for $15.95, goes on sale in July. Formore information, go to www.humanoids-publishing.com.

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