Pilot Parade: CBS Adapts 'Limitless,' NBC Translates 'Strange Calls'

The trend of bringing big-screen characters and stories to the small screen continues with this year's pilot announcements.

According to TheWrap, CBS has plans for the Neil Burger-directed film Limitless. In the movie, Bradley Cooper played a man who takes a drug that increases his brain power. The TV series will pick up where the film left off, and find the lead assisting the FBI. Burger will shepherd the project and Cooper will produce along with Todd Philips, who directed the actor in the Hangover films.

CBS wants to see more of Angel from Hell and an untitled show from Modern Family's Dan O’Shannon. The former, from Scrubs alum Tad Quill, is about a woman befriending a self-proclaimed guardian angel, while the O'Shannon show chronicles a group of friends and family throughout a trio of time frames.

Meanwhile, according to The Hollywood Reporter, NBC plans to see if it can succeed where ABC failed in transplanting the Australian horror-comedy Strange Calls to the United States. The show focuses on a cop who's transferred to a small town where a nightwatchman helps him realize the place is a hotbed of supernatural shenanigans. ABC tried to get the show off the ground twice, but NBC thinks it has the right combination in Cougar Town writer Blake McCormick and producer Aaron Kaplan (Terra Nova, The Mysteries of Laura).

Finally, THR also announced that ABC is interested in seeing more of Flesh and Blood, a politically centered mystery about the return of long-thought-dead young man. Here's how the site explains the series:

The Bans vehicle follows the return of a local politician's young son, presumed dead after disappearing more than a decade earlier, that sent shock waves through his tight-knit community. But as the mysterious young man is welcomed back into his community, the neighbor sitting in jail for his murder is released and the cop responsible is forced to reexamine what truly happened so many years ago.

The show comes from Jenna Bans, who co-executive produces Scandal and has an overall deal with the network.

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