Pilot Parade: ABC Bets on 'Uncle Buck, Tina Fey and Johnny Knoxville


ABC is throwing a lot of irons into the fire during pilot season.

Deadline reports the networks is looking at a comedy produced by Tina Fey based on the life and stand-up of comedian Fortune Feimster called Family Fortune. Additionally, ABC will see whether there's more life left in Uncle Buck, the 1989 John Hughes film starring John Candy as a bachelor who takes care of his brother's kids. The series take comes from MADtv writers Steven Cragg and Brian Bradley.

Deadline also reported on seven other comedy pilots announced by ABC. There's an untitled NBA half-hour comedy from Galavant's Dan Fogelman about a basketball player who doesn't speak English and a translator who's not sports savvy. Fogelman also has a series called The King of 7B, about an agoraphobe who leaves his apartment for the first time only to discover the potential love of his life.

Meanwhile, Johnny Knoxville is working on an autobiographical comedy about himself as a 12-year-old, a generational Odd Couple pairing of a millennial moving in with his grandma called Delores & Jermaine, the marriage comedy The 46 Percenters from the creators of I Hate My Teenage Daughter, The Brainy Bunch about a military man coming home to become a stay-at-home dad to genius kids, and an untitled project from Judah Miller (American Dad, Playing House) about an athletically gifted kid born to an artistic mother and a brainy father.

ABC isn't just going for laughs, however. The network is also moving forward with a quartet of dramas, Deadline reports. The Advocate is based on the real-life experience of agent-turned-medical advocate Byrdie Lifson-Pompan. Boom focuses on a gigantic oil depository discovered in North Dakota and the people who swoop in to profit from it.

Meanwhile, a family of lawyers is put to the test when the father is charged and his prosecutor daughter has to decide where her loyalties lie in The Adversaries. Finally, Kingmakers finds a young man infiltrating an elite college to find out who killed his sister and why.

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