Pierre Morel Has A <i>Ouija</i> Board

Taken director Pierre Morel has jumped ship from his planned Dune adaptation, but he's not without a plan for his next filmmaking effort. Indeed, he's in the process of revealing such a plan to Universal, as Morel is said to be pitching the studio his take on the Hasbro board game adaptation Ouija.

Heat Vision reports that Morel is close to landing the job, but he's not the only one vying for the director's chair on Ouija. Directors such as Sylvain White, Scot Stewart and John Moore have all had discussions with Universal about the supernatural thriller, with a final decision forthcoming.

But if Ouija doesn't pan out for Morel, the French filmmaker has other options, one of which includes the Sam Raimi-produced alien invasion flick EDF -- aka Earth Defense Force -- for Warner Bros. Additionally, Morel still has plans to film a Taken sequel starring Liam Neeson.

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