Piecing Together Comic-Con 2010

The CBR News Team has landed at Comic-Con International in San Diego, and while we're still busy setting up the ins and outs of our fourth annual boat show in the marina behind the convention center, the biggest companies in comics, movies, TV and more are in the midst of putting their own displays, promos and giveaways together for their Thursday night debut. With less than two days until the big show hits, CBR got a sneak peek on the floor of America's biggest pop culture convention and was able to look in on more than a few of the big name companies and events on display for this year. Check them out below.

Slowly but surely, the staff of Marvel Comics and Marvel Studios spent Tuesday gathering their latest comics-meets-movies set piece to show off to fans: the full throne of Asgard as recently seen in a released screencap from the studio's upcoming "Thor" movie.

Meanwhile, Image Comics and AMC teamed up to present this banner promoting both the upcoming TV adaptation of Robert Kirkman's "The Walking Dead" and its comic book inspiration as evidenced by work from series artist Charlie Adlard.

DC Comics had the secrets of the upcoming "Green Lantern" movie under wraps at their expansive booth, but the staff of the publisher was hard at work stocking the floor anchor with boxes upon boxes upon boxes of free comic giveaways.

While many of the biggest Hollywood studio booths and attractions were still being constructed Tuesday afternoon, one player that came ready with some impressively sized floor models was the workshop of the late special effects legend Stan Winston with both the "Avatar" Amp Suit and a fully loaded "Iron Man" hall of armors.

Stay tuned to CBR News all week long for all the news out of Comic-Con International!

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