"Pictures of You" in July Previews

Alternative Comics has Eisner nominated Damon Hurd and Tatiana Gill's new Pictures of You graphic novel solicited in Diamond Comic Distributors' July 2007 Previews for books shipping September 2007.

Comics Worth Reading has an early review of Pictures of You at this link.

Pictures of You is listed on page 226 of the July 2007 Previews catalog along with re-offers of other books by Damon Hurd.

Here are the Diamond Item Codes for these books:

Pictures of You – JUL07 3229

A Sort of Homecoming #1 (of 3) – JUL07 3230

A Sort of Homecoming #2 (of 3) – JUL07 3231

A Sort of Homecoming #3 (of 3) – JUL07 3232

A Strange Day – JUL07 3233

The White Elephant – JUL07 3234

My Uncle Jeff – JUL07 3235

Pictures of You

Written by Damon Hurd;

Illustrated by Tatiana Gill;

96 pages; 6-5/8" x 9"; $11.95;

ISBN-10: 1-934460-00-1;

ISBN-13: 978-1-934460-00-9;

Diamond: JUL07 3229; September 2007

Pictures of You is the follow up to acclaimed writer Damon Hurd and laureate artist Tatiana Gill's graphic novella of teenage alienation, kinship, and romance A Strange Day. In this prequel, both Miles and Anna experience the changes that shape them into the two misfits who skipped school looking for the latest Cure album, and found what was missing for them both. One year before their chance encounter, Miles and Anna lived parallel lives only a few miles apart. Miles is both jealous and overprotective when Sarah, his best friend since junior high, starts spending more time with her new boyfriend. Anna's family is ending in divorce, her only solace is with the boy next door Ethan, a college bound musician who is growing apart from his younger sidekick leaving Anna's romantic feelings for him unrequited.

"Having written both autobiography and fiction, the line that separates them can often become blurry. Even with my fiction, like Pictures of You, I feel like I couldn't have written the story without aspects of my experiences informing it. The story is not one from my own life, nor are the characters stand-ins, but they are all very much a part of me. I think that Pictures of You is the story of most people's adolescence. Everyone had a best friend, a person they counted on and was part of their daily existence. Everyone was lonely. Everyone longed for someone. Everyone was a bit of a drama queen. I made a conscious choice to write Pictures of You from the point of view of a teenager. The story is told "in the moment" by a young man and not years later being recalled wistfully by an older and wiser adult, and I think the story is better for it."

- Damon Hurd

Pictures of You is an emotional tour de force. I cried while drawing it, and you just might cry while reading it. I tried to convey the thick and complex emotions that humans feel in my composition and inky brush lines. On its pages are the pain of neglect and dashed dreams, alongside the beauty and hope that friendship brings to our lives. Pictures of You is a powerful statement on how much we need each other, and how much we can help each other with our love."

- Tatiana Gill

Praise for Damon Hurd and Tatiana Gill's A Strange Day novella:

"Hurd and Gill present a story that is sweet and romantic without being saccharine, believable without being mundane and absolutely engaging from beginning to end."

- The Fourth Rail

"I'd like to see more of these characters and I'm left wondering about them, long after I've finished reading the volume."

- Sequential Tart

"Following in the mold of Hurd's My Uncle Jeff, this is a well-observed encounter that feels inspired by real life."

Comics Worth Reading

"This is the sort of book you reread to help brush away the blues, the sort of book you might loan to someone you've recently met – especially if the thought of sharing it with them makes your heart beat a little faster."

- The Autin Chronicle

"Where Hurd's My Uncle Jeff succeeded through autobiography, A Strange Day works because it feels universal, the way the most memorable stories about high school do–there's a reason why kids today can rent The Breakfast Club and empathize with the archetypal characters."

- The Low Road

"A cute, and attractively-priced, little book. Cure fans will definitely want to sink their teeth into this one."

- The Book Barn

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