Pictures from the "Jingle Ball" at Brave New World Saturday Night

Last night in Newhall, California, about 30 minutes north of downtown Los Angeles, retailer Brave New World and comics pro Paul Dini held their annual Christmas party, the Jingle Ball. CBR News was in attendance and once again played the paparazzi role.

The store was packed throughout the party with comic fans, professionals and Dini, a writer on the hit TV series "Lost," convinced a number of the "Lost" writers to show up as well. Throughout the night party goers could be seen with a bottle of Jingle Brew in hand, a specially brewed red ale specifically brewed and bottled by Tim McCarthy for the Jingle Ball.

The evening kicked in to high gear around 8:00 when Brave New World owner Atom introduced the crowd to Misty Lee who put on a bit of a holiday themed magic show for the assembled group. Misty Lee, who also happens to be Dini's girlfriend, was dressed up in appropriately themed seasonal attire.

Once Misty left the stage it was time for a big surprise as Atom arranged for Jingle Belle herself, the star of Dini's "Jingle Belle" comic from Dark Horse, to arrive at the store for an appearance. Belle serenaded Dini with a song filled with Holiday cheer and requests to call her agent immediately to set-up a multi-year production deal. Faster than you can say Hollywood, Dini pulled out his mobile phone and started dialing those digits.

Once Belle was finished with Dini, she took pictures for the rest of the evening with party goers in her throne located towards the back of the store. And of course, having already enjoyed a number of bottles of Jingle Brew, this humble reporter took advantage of the photo op.

Also in attendance at the party, but not pictured, were Dwayne McDuffie, Ford Gilmore, Alan Burnett and many more.

We'll leave you with one final picture from the party which should elicit a resounding "Ahhhhhh" from our readers.

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