Picturebox, Broken Frontier stake more Web claim

It seems like new comic sites are bustin' out all over the place this week. The other day it was Katherine Darcy's new Manga Critic, now PictureBox has unveiled a new site. I'll let publisher Dan Nadel describe it:

We are pleased to announce our new online venture, PictureBox Gallery. On this specially curated site you'll be able to view and purchase artwork from artists associated with venerable ol' PictureBox, including Ben Jones, Yuichi Yokoyama, Peter Lloyd, CF and Charlie White III. In the coming weeks Gary Panter, Bob Zoell, and Lauren Weinstein will also be making work available. So subscribe to our RSS feed and watch for updates.

Highlights of the current selection include Charlie White's classic "Roller Ball" illustration, Ben Jones' "Decoration Paintings" for home decor aesthetes on a budget, and Peter Lloyd's pimp-tastic original art for records by The Jefferson Starship and Ronnie Laws, not to mention a killer Jack Kirby original.

So, go forth and enjoy. And remember, PictureBox is not just on your shelf: We're on your side!

Meanwhile, the long-running news, reviews and criticism site Broken Frontier has relaunched with a wealth of quality material, like this interview with Capacity creator Theo Ellsworth:

The goal has always been to get out of my own way, and delve as deeply as I can into this big story I can’t seem to stop thinking about. At the same time, I’ve always seen the possibility of becoming a Henry Darger type character, and completely losing touch with the outside world. So the other aspect of working on Capacity was to find a balance inside of myself, where I can maintain healthy relationships in the world without losing touch with my own creative drive. Creating Capacity was a huge step for me.

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