Picture of the Day: Walter Simonson's new mailbox brings the thunder

Walter Simonson has worked on a number of famous characters along with his own creations in his legendary comic book career, but he's likely still best remembered for his legendary time on "Thor" at Marvel Comics. That's something that's clearly not lost on his next-door neighbor, who according to Twitter, surprised Simonson with a new addition to the writer/artist's mailbox: Mjolnir.

Simonson went into more detail on how the mailbox came to be on Facebook, sharing that his wife and fellow comics creator Louise Simonson discovered the Thor-themed mailbox before he did:

Awhile back, our mailbox (of the large economy variety so we can have FedEx packages put in it) was starting to fall apart, and obviously on its last legs. So we got a new one, which has been sitting in the garage for at least a year now. (Probably longer, but I'm not going there.) Recently, our next door neighbor offered to put the new one in for us, and after a little hemming and hawing--because I'm embarrassed about not doing it myself--I said sure. I took the new box down and left it at his house. Everything was quiet for about a week, and then today, Weezie comes back from walking Loki. I ask if she grabbed the mail. She looks at me with a come-hither glance and says I have to get it myself, but she wants to come with me. I have no idea what that's about, but we have to run out for a few minutes anyway and I'm intrigued. This picture of our new mailbox shows you what I found. We are never moving again! Thanks, Vance.

Let's hope the postal workers on Simonson's block are worthy to open it.

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