Picture it: Funko is giving 'The Golden Girls' the Pop! treatment

Funko has some consolation for those Golden Girls fans devastated last fall when that wonderful fan-submitted LEGO playset didn't pass the LEGO review process: Dorothy, Blanche, Rose and Sophia are becoming Pop! vinyl figures.

However, there's no word yet whether there will be a card attached will say, "Thank you for being a friend." (It totally should, though.)

Concept art for the four figures (below) appeared in a Funko product catalog released over the weekend at Toy Fair in New York City. Just look at how tiny Sophia is!

There's no word yet as to when they'll be released. Hopefully, however, the figures will sell well enough that Funko can be convinced to roll out a Golden Girls cheesecake truck as part of its Pop! Vinyl Rides line (hey, if Deadpool can get a chimichanga truck ...).


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