Y the Last Man Artist's Political Cartoons Collected in New Hardcover

Y the Last Man co-creator and artist Pia Guerra makes her return to comics in a big way just in time for the 2018 midterm elections this fall.

Image Comics is collecting Guerra's political cartoons that originally ran in publications such as The New Yorker in a deluxe hardcover format titled Me the People. The politically-charged compilation covers an array of topics from criticism of the Trump Administration to calling out legislative gridlock and social injustice coming from Capitol Hill.

"I remember watching the election returns in the days after November 8th and shaking my head at how 80,000 votes managed to trump 3 million to usher in one of the most dangerous demagogues in modern history," Guerra stated in Image Comics' press release announcing the collection. "There was this disgust and deep, sinking grossness that made me want to do something to speak out against it. I’m not a politician or an expert on the inner workings of Washington, I’m a comic book artist—so how could I possibly do this effectively? What could I offer to the conversation? And then I realized the man just elected president can barely put together a coherent sentence and that’s when I picked up my pencil and started drawing."

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Guerra's political cartoons have received worldwide attention for their frank, hard-hitting social commentary satirizing the political scene since the 2016 presidential election and this new compilation gives readers the chance to have them all in a special hardcover collection.

Me the People will be available for purchase in comic shops on Wednesday, October 3 and in bookstores and Amazon on Tuesday, October 9.

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