Photos From "Batman Returns" Reveal Bat-shop Filled With Bat-Merchandise

Where did they get all those wonderful toys?

Fan-site 1989Batman has unearthed a look at a set-piece built for 1992's "Batman Returns" that didn't make the final cut of the film, and it's packed with never-before-seen Batman merchandise.

In an early version of Tim Burton's shooting script, an entrepreneurial resident of Gotham City has opened up a shop celebrating (and cashing in on) Batman, selling a variety of Dark Knight-themed wares, including "Batman sleds, lunch boxes, T-shirts, and ticking clocks," as described in a draft of the screenplay, and that can be seen below.

The Bat-shop seems like a meta-nod to the Bat-mania that enveloped the country after Burton's 1989 "Batman." Unfortunately, not only didn't the shop make the final cut of "Batman Returns," but it would have been blown-up by a fire-breathing clown in the film's opening scene.

Via io9 and /Film.

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