First Pics of Alicia Vinkander as Lara Croft Surface


Lara Croft is one of the most iconic characters in video game history. She's got her simple but totally recognizable trademark look, has a number of successful games under her holster, and has a legion of hardcore fans. She's also the subject of one of the most successful (financially speaking) video game to movie adaptations of all time, in the Angelina Jolie fronted "Tomb Raider" movies. Today we get our first look at Alicia Vinkander, the latest actress to put on Lara's signature tank top, courtesy of the Daily Mail.

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Vinkander, most famous for her Oscar winning role in "The Danish Girl" and her unforgettable turn as the robot Ava in "Ex Machina" has been a rising star. After a number of supporting roles in recent action flicks, Vinkander finally gets the chance to headline in the new "Tomb Raider." The Swedish actress (who has rocked a number of different accents throughout her career), looks unmistakably like the British Lara Croft, taking cues from the latest video game reboot.

The blue-grey tank top is a bit washed out when compared the more vibrant '90s look, and Lara looks like she's seen some action. Vinkander is bandaged up, precariously balancing, and strapped to a wire for a presumably high-flying action scene. In her most recent game, Lara takes a real beating, getting impaled, nearly drowned, crushed, burned and falling from great heights. Of course, whenever she takes a hit, she rises up to shoot a lot of bad guys.

The new movie, which sounds like it is taking cues from the the game, will probably put Lara through the wringer, and Vinkander looks ready for the challenge. Vinkander described the script as an "origin story," which means Lara will start the film as an uncertain grad student. Walton Goggins will play the film's villain, and he's been raving about the script since he signed on to the project.

Starring Alicia Vinkander, Walton Goggins, Dominic West, and Daniel Wu, “Tomb Raider” hits theaters March 16, 2018.

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