Photo Parade Weekend - Part 2

As we explained yesterday in the first part of our Photo Parade Weekend Grand Gala Spectacular Celebration, we (well, I) got a bit behind with our posting of Staff Photographer Pinguino Kolb's photos from Wizard World Los Angeles and New York Comic Con, but hey, we all love a photo parade. So, we decided to turn this into a weekend long event (woooo, two full days! Yowzas!) and throw them at you all at once.

Today we bring you photos from last month's New York Comic Con. Before we get to the photo parade, we wanna show you some rats! Some of you out there who checked out our time lapse video coverage of NYCC noticed towards the end of the Friday 9:00 PM video what may have been a small rat like creature crawling around the lower right hand portion of the video. He or she actually crawls around the show floor for a good 5 minutes, but we've pulled the best captures of the little creature's travails and placed them below. Look for the little thing in the lower right hand portion of the photos. It was moving pretty quick (Ohhh, like the Flash! Rat Flash!), so he's just a blur, but it's clear a wee vermin was running around the Javitz Center, finally settling down to read some comics in the Jim Hanley's Universe booth. Wonder if he was checking out Jeff Smith's "Bone" to see what his brethren, throse Stupid Stupid Rate Creatures, we up to. We've included a red circle where we could to help you track the little creature's path.

Now, on to the photo parade.

NYCC, 2008 Day 1 - Photos by Pinguino KolbThe DC Booth prior to the public being let in. It was a hub of activity all weekend.The Online Comics Journalism panel. I'm the jackass hunched over on the left.Jerry Robinson and Stan LeeStan Lee and Irwin HassenJohn Romita Sr.Romona FradonMurphy AndersonMurphy snuck in for a second time.Great shot of JR SRThe Vertigo PanelThe right hand side of the Vertigo panelBrian Wood with Brian Azzarello to his right.The left hand side of the Vertigo PanelJoe Quesada at the Dais.One of the many Marvel panels.Brian Reed with Dan Slott to his right.Dan Slott enjoys the Coke side of life.Greg PakDan Slott looks like he's about to Hulk out.Tom BrevoortFred Van LenteAxel AlonsoDuane Swierczysnki (I actually typed that from memory! I am amazing!)Fans ask questions at the Marvel panel. "OK, so, my question is, I love your comics, they're awesome. Thank you." Dude, that's not a question.Jason AaronSKRULLS!Kevin GrievouxDaniel WayAndy Lanning and Jim McCann"I believe I can flyyyyy." Have no idea where I pulled that reference from.Scary furry thing.

NYCC, 2008 Day 2 - Photos by Pinguino KolbSelma BlairGuillermo Del ToroCloser with GuillermoLuke Goss from "Hellboy 2"Ron PerlmanDoug JonesAnna MercuryMike Wolfer, Anna Mercury and William ChristensenWho cares.Orson Scott Card, Kevin Grevioux and Simone BianchiOh, I do so love me some Poison.Milo VentimigliaLameThis crazy chill out/bean bag zone.More of the much laziness.Not intimidating or scary or good or anything.Lil'BatsNo idea.The anime folk always have me coming up short. Damn.Just lovely.So many joke opportunities. So little time.Sweet.I'm quite sure they could hurt me.I don't know that I've ever seen a Static Shock costume at a show before. Nicely done.Hello.Seriously, swimming in heavily chlorinated water is hell on your hair.Lovely and go away.Why does it look like this chick is going into a shower stall?I'll show you what to do with some Pocky.More anime screwing up the attempts at comedy."I'm a Stormtrooper and I'm stealing your chicas."The Star Wars dude apparently has some game. Good on ya.Maybe we should just do an all Slave Girl Leia photo parade. Oh, geek overload possibilities there.Ladies.Yikes!"Oh, no he didn't!"Mesmerizing.Freaking me out. She's inside my brain!Humina humina, woah mama! You, I'd like to take home.More stretching.I guess her head is the sun and those are planets circling around it?Rafael NavarroI love this tourist styled Joker. Awesome.I love ladies in green.Fat Momma!Jerry Robinson and Bob LaytonDavid Michelinie hovers over Bob Layton.Andrew Bell from "Creatures in my Head"More anime.The Romitas.OK, I'm now so much more a Gwen Stacy fan than an MJ fan. And yes, you, I'd like to take home, too. It's only a six hour flight.Possibly the funniest photo of the bunch. Spidey, yer gonna have some problems with that pretzel.And easily the best costume of the day. Fantastic.Group shot!Gale Anne HurdTim Roth"Incredible Hulk" director Louis Leterrier.Marvel Publisher Dan BuckleyC.B. CebulskiAxel AlonsoAlonzo, Cebulski, Buckley, Jim McCann's mouth and nose, and Joe QuesadaRemember, kids, you should always practice safe open mouth kissing and light sabering.You've got some serious mouse action, dude.Dunno.Talk about mixing genres. Personally, I'd like to mix it up with ... oh, nevermind.Excellent Black Panther.Don't you point that at my crotchial area.I wonder who this could be?C.C. BananaEven Black Panther has to push a stroller sometimes.Billy Tan and FamilyGail SimoneOK, we're moving into the T.M. Revolution show portion of the photo parade. I know nothing about this band, but Pin got some excellent photos of the fans and the group. For the most part, I'll leave this portion uncommented, except when I feel compelled to mock someone.Like this bunny here -- WTF? That thing is freaking scary! I've now got an immense fear of bunny rabbits ... or I'm immensely attracted to them. This is going to scar me for a while. Updated - Augie tells me he's from the game "Rayman Raving Rabbids." That's not helping the scarification to my brain, though.Two just fantastic shots."Thank you, New York!"

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