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Photo Parade Weekend – Part 1

by  in Comic News Comment
Photo Parade Weekend – Part 1

Well, so, here’s the deal. Between managing convention coverage for three different shows (WonderCon, Wizard World LA and New York Comic-Con), managing the relaunch of CBR (isn’t it purty?), managing the day-to-day activities of the busines and various other crises and excitement along the way, we never (well, me) quite got around to doing our patented Photo Parades from Wizard World LA and New York Comic Con. That said, the photos that CBR Staff Photographer Pinguino Kolb are just too good not to post, so filed in the “Yeah, it’s late, but oh so worth the wait,” we present to you Photo Parade weekend, featuring moments from Wizard World Los Angeles in March and New York Comic-Con in April. We begin with photos from Wizard World LA. Enjoy.

Tomorrow, we’ll have the NYCC Photo Parade include some rats!

WWLA, 2008 Day 1 – It Begins…
The Spidey-crew of Marc Guggenheim, editor Stephen Wacker and Bob Gale have a confab in the hallway. Gale & Guggenheim: Skrulltastic!
More with the boys. Let’s get a little closer … Guggenheim.
Gale. Doesn’t Wacker look like he’s plotting how he’ll one day rule the world?
Jim McCann runs the show from the dais. Wacker showing off something.
“We are the depressed Jedis, because we have no droids and our light sabers are weak.” Either DC Executive Editor Dan Didio is demonstrating fly fishing techniques or he’s leading a YMCA dance. Not sure which and it’s been a while since WWLA and memories are fuzzy.
“We’re gaming. We’re gaming.” Mousey.
Lee Kohse from Bloodfire Studios Hulks out…or something. Golden Apple Comics owner Sharon Leibowitz with a fan.
Tony Fleecs (“In My Lifetime”) At some point during the day, apparently, Pinguino left to visit the LA County Morgue Office. Ewww.
The hotest LA County Morgue technician you’ll ever see. You can play with my entrails any day!
Marc Silvestri just as he sits down for what looks like a marathon signing session, and he seems happy about it! From one of the DC Panels, we have Adam Beechen, Bob Wayne, Dan Didio and Ethan Van Sciver.
Bustiers may be the greatest fashion device ever created. “May I touch the side of your head?”
Hygena and Fat Momma from “Who Wants To Be A Super Hero?” Jeph Loeb
Jim McCann, cealry a skrull, trying to recruit Loeb. Tim Sale
Loeb & Sale – Together Again! Chad Michael Ward
Artist Jacen Burrows and Avatar’s William Christensen. Joe Benitez
Two member’s of Golden Apple comedy night – Erik Charles Nielsen and Holly Mills.

WWLA, 2008 Day 2 – It Continues…
Some fantastic “Gears of War” costumes. She could gear my war anyday. Man that was a pathetic attempt at humor. Regardless, I do like the ladies with heavy artillery.
“Grrrrrr.” Stormtrooper #1: “I think these guys could seriously kick our asses.” Stormtrooper #2: “Yeah, but I’d let the chick kick my ass anyday.”
Jedi #1: “I think these guys could seriously kick our asses.” Jedi #2: “Yeah, but I’d let the chick kick my ass anyday.” So, I’m recycling jokes. It’s part of CBR’s new Be Green initiative. It’s good for the environment. Awww, Lil-Wolvie.
“Robot Chicken” Panel – I think the dude on the far left is some Wizard guy, but middle and right are Matthew Senreich and Seth Green. This would be a great pic if not for that damned microphone.
Frank Tieri and not sure. Aubrey Sitterson and Peter David
, Matt Fraction and Jim McCann Frank Tieri
“The MiddleMan’s” Javier Grillo-Marxuach OK, yeah, she didn’t go to the morgue, it was a promotion for Milo Ventimiglia’s “Pathology” film.
Milo, playing with guts. Milo Ventimiglia, Michael Weston, Alyssa Milano and not sure.
Apparently the entrails are like mistletoe for dead people. Alyssa and Milo.
I haven’t decided if it’s cool or lame to have a guitar with all those signatures on it. I’m going with lame for now. David Wohl
Tone Rodriguez Dan Wickline
The Mario Bros. with Pimpin Boba Fett. The Mario Bros. with not-pimpin Erin Gray.
John Wesley Shipp Lou Ferrigno
The meeting of the brain trust. Hygena and Ms. Limelight
Chris Waters, AKA Major Victory, from Season 1 of “Who Wants To Be A Superhero?” Cool shot.
Wizard’s Ricky Purdin and “Wolverine’s” Jeff Katz Ultra-horrid Venom.
G4TV’s Blair Butler. Because everybody needs a crappy Transformers docking station for their first gen iPod Nano.
David Finch Phillip Tan
Dan Taylor Joshua Middleton
Jose Cabrera Javier Hernandez
Todd Nauck Tommy Castillo
Black R2. Joe Mad
Light saber training, apparently. Where are those Gears of Wars dudes when you need them. Christos Gage and Stephen Wacker share a moment.
Joe Pokaski Costumed dude reading the comics.
Joe Pokaski and his little dude who wears very cool T-Shirts. Lame Star Wars dude.
Mary Marvel. “I’m with stupid.”
Love when the little ones get involved. Uhhhhh…
Mick Foley and Rob Van Dam “I think these chicks could seriously kick my ass.”
Nightwing, with big time stretch action, and a Supergirl who’s been cut off. Charles Knauf
Mike Kunkel Harley at it again.
William O’Neil, , and Jan Utstein-O’Neil White R2.
Jeff Scott Campbell How did Charles get in here a second time? Sneaky.

WWLA, 2008 Day 3 – It Ends…
David Nakayama Not sure, but like the dude’s t-shirt.
Wow. Easily my favorite photo of the week. Lil-Ledger Joker. Excellent. Lil-Hygena
It’s a sad state of affairs, people. Don’t forget, the Kids, they are our future.
Being lame training. Not sure.
Group Photo! Aubrey Sitterson, Matt Fraction, Jim McCann, Christos Gage and Charles Knauff. Justin Peniston
Nice shot from above of the Wizard chalk artist. Danny Miki
Jacen Burrows The Hero Initiative
Marc Guggenheim spends some time with the kids on Kids Day. Darrick Robertson
Matt Fraction, Steve Niles and Sarah Wilkinson as Steve wonders to himself, “Did I leave the iron on?” Jim McCann is at it again, this time recruiting Lil’ Skrulls.
Lamers. Sterling Gates
Boba Fett says, “Yer dead, ya hairy POS.” Black Boba.
Ewww. Not-So-Mega Man and friend.

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