Photo Parade: Star Wars Burlesque

Friday night, not in a galaxy far, far away, but at the Henry Fonda theater in Hollywood, California, fans of George Lucas' star spanning space opera were treated to a most unusual of performances - a Star Wars Burlesque show. The brain child of performer Courtney Cruz, the sold out show was attended not by a wretched hive of scum and villainy, but rather an enthusiastic crowd of 1000+ enjoying a sexy, hilarious and highly entertaining interpretation of some of their favorite child hood heroes.

Each performer entered the stage in an instantly recognizable costume, dancing and gyrating to a mix of techno, electronica, industrial and even some disco (like the Star Wars disco song couldn't be played), slowly revealing their true nature underneath the costume. And yes, even the lovable droid R2-D2 had his, err, her own unique performance to offer the crowd. And, naturally, there was a Slave Leia performance.

CBR Staff Photographer Pinguino Kolb had a front row seat at last nights performance, bringing our readers an up close and personal look at the costumes and performances. Please note that the following images are intended for mature audiences only. Also, we'll try not to use too many "Use The Force" jokes.

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