PHOTO PARADE: NYCC's "Blade Rave" is a Bloody Good Time

When it comes to events in and around conventions, promoters are constantly pushing the envelope in order to create the most unique experiences around. Friday night during New York Comic Con, BBQ films held one of the most original celebrations in recent memory, recreating the iconic setting for 1998's "Blade" film and its opening action scene. The "Blade Rave" featured cosplay, buckets of blood (dousing ravers via a sprinkler system) and The Crystal Method performing live at Manhattan's Terminal 5.

Get Your '90s On With The Crystal Method At Blood-Soaked "Blade Rave" At NYCC

CBR photographer Pinguino Kolb visited the event after sundown to capture all the sights and deliver a taste of this party like no other. Be sure to check out an exclusive video from inside the rave after the photos.

Bloodborne #15

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