Photo Parade: Anime Expo 2007

Last weekend in Long Beach, California, thousand and thousands of cos players attended Anime Expo, the larget anime and manga convention in the United States. Now, as has become a tradition here on CBR going back about 10 years now, we like to bring you photos of creators and costumed folk at conventions, but this time it's all costumed folk. That's right, it's an all costume CBR Photo Parade! Does it get any better?

While Comic-Con International in San Diego is well known for it's many, many cos players, I'd say on average about 1 in 10 people dress up, which is a lot considering more than 100,000 attend the show. That ratio is dramatically different during Anime Expo, though, where likely every other attendee is in full costume and 9 out of 10 people are wearing some sort of recognizable gear. Wild.

Now, I wanted to attend myself, but I think I'm only got enough energy for one more convention this year and that's going to be Comic-Con later this month. So, instead I sent CBR Staff Photographer Pinguino down to the show and she had a blast talking and snapping pics of all you cos players out there. It's Pinguino who took the pics, with obnxious commentary by me, so don't blame her if you're mad that we're making fun of you.

Now, onto the first ever Anime Expo/All Cos Play CBR Photo Parade!

There's nothing quite like the elegance of pink camo.This dude was mesmerizing some chick with ramen noodles. I think.
Dalmation Man-Dog ThingGuy in the Middle: "I'm sweating in places I've never sweat before!"
"Daddy, can we go home now?"You I like. Hello.
More Hot Ramen Action!I don't know, but not bad. Click on this pic -- guy has a nice cape.
Nintendo characters rule.Posers.
Not a clue.I like you, too, but I fear saying anything else would land me in jail.
OK. I guess."I am so bored. And my boobs are sunburned."
You gotta bring the rock to Anime Expo."I may not be in cosutme, but I can so read your mind." Good thing she wasn't reading my mind.
"Dude, we're so going to get laiiiiid with these costumes!"Dude: "I am so gonna get laid." Chick: "Thick again, green boy."
"Dude, I am so not going to get laid with this costume."I don't know if I'd call what this guy is about to get "laid," but he's getting something.
Why is Spidey wearing Wonder Woman's bracelets?So serious.
I'm starting to think that maybe I should have gone to Anime Expo.Gotta love the home made costumes.
"So, uhh, you gonna go to Comic-Con?"Yeah, seriously starting to think I should have gone to Anime Expo.
Look at this seas of cosumed folk ...... this is nuts! Wow!
"Look at me, I'm ... wow, I don't even know what I am!"Not just a town, city or country -- an entire world of hentai. Whatever rocks your boat.
Such a sweet face.Is it wrong I have a series urge to kick this guy?
Peace be with you.OK, now I'm glad I didn't go to Anime Expo. This is a wee bit wrong.
Can't get enough Hentai? Well, here's more for you."My, what a big sword you have."
No idea, but clearly he's concerned about particulate matter in the air.Ohh, surprise gift! Is it I get to go home early?
Don't worry, this is fake. They don't really allow you to cut peoples heads off at conventions.Nice message you're sending to the kids there with the cigar, dude.
"Don't crowd. No pushing. There's plenty of Hentai for everybody."Is this guy's going as Jerry Seinfeld from the puffy shirt episode of "Seinfeld."
That hat has its own zip code.I don't know, but I'm guessing Jesus loves the Manga, too?
Wow, characters I actually recognize. Too bad that's possibly the weakest He-Man I've ever seen.Dude, a white sheet and a white rose does not a costume make.
I don't know.Whatever you do, always practice safe sex.
Yaoi!I seriously think this dude is giving us the finger. Asshole.
That's an exact photo of his actual face. Seriously, he looks just like that underneath.Oh, God, this guy again! Make it stop! Stop now! Now, please! Come on!
Oh, now he has a friend. How nice for him..Uhmm, really, no.
"Check out my arm pit! It is rad!"Not a clue.
"Where did all my friends go?"Woah, is that a dog in that thing? Creeping me the hell out!
Peace and love, sister.You've gotta blow this one up. This dude loves him some Hello Kitty.
I think this guy is prepping to go to the bathroom."Why in the hell am I letting this jackass interview me? I'm Princess Frickin' Leia, for Christs sake!"
No clue, but that's gotta be hot."Group photooooooo!"
Uhmmmm ...This guy is freaking me out.
Just weird.More of the weird.
This one is just wrong, but you need to click on it to find out why.Ahhh, man, these dudes again?
I don't know what it is, but wow.You can be my cow girl.
Is it still a peace sign if you only have four fingers?OK, this costume works. Nicely done.
Wow, another character I actually recognize.Oh, wow, this is just not good.
Gotta love the black heroes.No clue, kinda creepy.
Cute,More creeping me out.
I don't know what you are, but I'd like you to lay down so I can take a nap on you.Holy crap, a storm trooper actually showed up! Jerk!
"Arghueutyue!"Wow. You really should have just stayed home.
"Ayyyy Macarena!"Don't know. Don't really care.
Why so glum, chum?"Dude, will you seriously get out of our photo?"
Worst. Costume. Ever. Throwing on underwear and combat boots does not a costume make.It's Creepy Spidey and Crappy Clark.
"I'm starring in my own video series called 'Tentacle Porn' ..."I don't know why, but I always dig the Nintendo cos players.
Dunno."Check me out, I've got doodoo on my head!"
Dude wearing ears, browsing the wares.I wish I knew. I really do.

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