Photo of the Day | The greatest (or worst) Pikachu cosplay ever

As the headline states, this may be the absolute worst or the most inspired Pikachu cosplay in history, Really, it could go either way, likely depending to some extent on your fondness for the Greendale Human Being.

The photos -- yes, there are more, below -- were snapped at Comiket 87, which wrapped up today at the Tokyo Big Sight. Held twice annually, in August and December, Comiket (aka Comic Market) is the world's largest dojinshi fair, drawing more than a half-million attendees. This edition opened Sunday with 180,000 people, an increase of about 10,000 from the first day of August's Comiket 86.

変態とは増殖するもの #C87 pic.twitter.com/nDb8fn9BIK

— うさぎ (@loveit_rabbit13) December 30, 2014

(via AICN Anime)

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