Phoenix-Themed Variants Celebrate Adult Jean Grey's Return


The adult Jean Grey will make her return to the Marvel Universe December, via a five-issue series written by Matthew Rosenberg with art by Leinil Yu. And to celebrate the return of one of the Marvel Universe's most powerful -- and frightening -- heroes, the publisher has Phoenix-ized a number of its heroes for a series of themed variant covers to be released throughout December.

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From a Phoenix-powered Venom soaring through the skies framed by a black-flamed bird, to a fiery Daredevil utilizing his cosmically enhanced radar sense, Marvel's biggest heroes are re-imagined as the next vessels of the Phoenix Force.

Check out all of the covers Marvel has released so far in the gallery below.

[vn_gallery name="Marvel’s Phoenix-Themed Variant Covers for December 2017" id="1155590"]

“It’s such a mind-blowing honor to bring back the original Jean Grey,” Rosenberg said of working on his and Yu’s series. “I’ve been an X-Men fan my whole life and Jean is, in my mind, the true soul of the X-Men. So we aren’t taking this lightly. We’re going for that perfect balance of universe shaking epic and intimate personal drama that only the X-Men ever truly achieve. This is all hands on deck for the X-Men as every available member heads into battle for the soul of their team and maybe even the fate of the Marvel Universe.”

Phoenix Resurrection arrives in stores Dec. 27, with covers by Yu and a variant by Arthur Adams. Marvel's Phoenix-themed variants will be released throughout the month.

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