Phoenix Lands In "Age of X"

It's one of the most asked questions both in CBR's X-Position column and our weekly Marvel T&A chats: when exactly will Jean "The Phoenix" Grey return to Marvel Comics X-Men line?

Well, today an answer of sorts appeared thanks to the very fans of the CBR forums as eagle-eyed fan Peter F. has uncovered the latest "Historical Log" image for the publisher's incoming event "Age of X," and it's a doozy:

The accompanying text on Marvel's website declared: "Phoenix destroys Albany" before adding "The mutant abilities of a young woman named Jean Grey manifest in the form of an explosive, fiery Phoenix that immolates everything in its path."

CBR News spoke last week to "Age of X" architect Mike Carey about the series which debuts in January with "Age of X Alpha" #1 featuring art work by Paul Davidson, Gabriel Hernandez Walta, Harvey Tolibao, Mirco Pierfederici and Carlo Barberi before continuing as a crossover running through "X-Men: Legacy" 245-247 featuring art by Clay Mann and "New Mutants" 22-24 by artist Steve Kurth. There, the writer revealed that "There are a few very high profile events [in the story's alternate presetn] which created strong anti-mutant sentiment. For example, in this world the Phoenix manifests on Earth and destroys a whole city. So initially, the anti-mutant coalition gets a lot of public sympathy. It's not clear how far people have now moved away from that position, whether the public goes along with what's being done in their name today. A number of appalling things have been done in pursuit of an agenda of 'peace and security'. You'd have to imagine there would have been a backlash against some of these measures, but now the U.S. and many other countries are effectively no longer democracies."

Now that its been revealed that the Phoenix entity and Jean Grey as a character won't just be backstory to the world but a part of the overall narrative, all bets are off for what comes next for the character and the series.

Sound off with your theories on the CBR Boards X-Men threads, and stay tuned for more info on "Age of X."

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