EXCLUSIVE: Phoenix Hosts Solve A Cosmic Puzzle On Jean Grey #2 Cover

Jean Grey cover feature

As part of Marvel's upcoming ResurrXion line, original X-Man Jean Grey will do something she's never done before: lead her own solo series. With "Jean Grey," the time-displaced teenage version of the would-be Phoenix will headline her own comic, written by Dennis Hopeless with art by Victor Ibanez.

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The series will see Jean grapple with her destiny and her potential as a host of the all-powerful and cosmic Phoenix Force. Now, Marvel has provided CBR with an exclusive first look at the cover to "Jean Grey" #2 by David Yardin. The issue will see Jean team-up with previous Phoenix Force hosts to solve the mystery of the Phoenix.

Jean Grey 2 Cover David Yardin
EXCLUSIVE: "Jean Grey" #2 cover by David Yardin

Yep, that's Rachel Grey, Hope Summers and Quentin Quire flanking Jean as she tries to figure out her fate. This is a big deal for Hope Summers, who has been missing in action for almost two years at this point. "Jean Grey" will mark her return to action. "Jean Grey" writer Dennis Hopeless spoke about Hope's return in the latest installment of X-POSITION, saying that he almost used the character in his recent "All-New X-Men" run.

"I did consider Hope briefly, but I was always concerned about growing the cast too large," said Hopeless about his soon-to-conclude X-Men team book. "My favorite thing to write is intimate character drama and the more stars you have in a book, the more juggling you have to do. Larger casts make what I do much more difficult. That said, I do love writing Hope (and everyone else from 'Cable & X-Force' frankly). Don't be surprised to see her show up in 'Jean Grey.' Also, yes, Jean will absolutely interact with previous Phoenix Force hosts. That's a big part of our second issue."

Quentin Quire has also spent much of the last year laying low, but ResurrXion will bring him back into the X-fold in a major way. In addition to this guest star role in "Jean Grey," he'll also appear in the new "Generation X" series. Rachel Grey's popped up a few times in recent months, specifically in the X-Men's "Civil War II" and "IvX" tie-ins. She'll return as a member of the team in "X-Men Gold."

In a previous X-POSITION, Hopeless also spoke about Jean's relationship with the Phoenix Force moving forward.

"Jean is trying to avoid her older self’s Phoenix curse and the tortured life that comes with it," said Hopeless. "In the beginning, Jean won’t know exactly what that means or how to go about it, but she’s dedicated. The series follows Jean as she travels around learning about The Phoenix and preparing herself (trying at least) for the inevitable battle. I can’t wait for everyone to see what we have in store."

"Jean Grey" #1 arrives in stores this May.

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