Philip Tan Boards DC's The Hellblazer As New Artist

John Constantine has had a tumultuous couple of years. In 2012, his long-running Vertigo series ended with Issue 300, and the fan-favorite occult detective re-entered the DC Universe. The character also starred on a short-lived TV series starring Matt Ryan, who reprised the role on The CW's "Arrow" and in the upcoming "Justice League Dark" animated film. Constantine has never had more projects, or a higher profile.

In the new arc of the character's ongoing series "The Hellblazer," writer Simon Oliver will be joined by artist Philip Tan, who succeeds Moritat. You may know Tan's work from the recent "Suicide Squad: Rebirth" or his arc of Grant Morrison's popular "Batman and Robin" series.

From "The Hellblazer" #7

Debuting in February with Issue 7, the new storyline "The Smokeless Fire" will see Constantine once again working with Swamp Thing as they head to Paris to investigate the rumored reappearance of the Djinn.

"I’ve recently read the original run of Alan Moore's 'Swamp Thing,' and can’t believe how amazing John Constantine's first stories were,” Tan said in a statement. “It's the version that has inspired my artwork for this story. I think people will find a fresh, yet nostalgic, version of John Constantine, as Simon Oliver and I bring the readers along on his adventures."

Fresh yet nostalgic definitely describes the approach to the character by Oliver, who brought Constantine back to London and teamed him up with his longtime (and only surviving) friend Chas. Oliver seems excited to be working with Tan, saying,  "As the book progresses onwards and upwards, strap yourself in and be prepared to be excited, thrilled and all-around awed by Tan’s work.”

From "The Hellblazer" #7
From "The Hellblazer" #7
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